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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

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'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'
'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'


Welcome to GREEN TEAM

Our Class Teacher is: Ms Whittaker

     Our Nursery Nurses are: Mrs. Baxter, Ms Youshie, Mrs Hopson and Mrs. Field






Welcome to the Nursery web page. 


On this page you will find information about what the children have been learning and ideas for supporting their learning at home.


This page will be updated EVERY Friday. 

Everyday we say two prayers and you can continue learning these at home.  The children are starting to join in a lot more, especially with the sign of the cross at the start and the end of the prayer. 

Ask them to teach it to you!


The prayer that we say at the start of the session is:


O my God you love me,

You're with me night and day.

I want to love you always,

In all I do and say.

I try to please you Father,

Bless me through the day.




And at the end of the session:


God our Father I come to say,

Thank-you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning,

Send your light.


Dates for the diary


18th July 2017-NURSERY CLOSED for transition day. Current Nursery children to visit Reception at allocated times.


19th July 2017- Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Parents are welcome to join from 10.20am (Morning Nursery) and 2.20am (Afternoon Nursery). More information will follow.


20th July 2017 - LAST DAY FOR NURSERY


21st July 2017-NURSERY CLOSED




21st July 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you so much for all of the wonderful gifts and cards, they are very much appreciated. The children have been amazing and it's great to know that they have enjoyed their Nursery experience. Thank-you for all of your support over the last year.


Have a great summer




Miss Whittaker


14th July 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you so much to all the parent helpers who joined us on our trip yesterday, you helped to make the Summer outing a memorable experience. I know the children had a good time, they were very tired at the end of the day, some even fell asleep on the bus!


This week your child has brought home a Wow challenge. I have put a copy under Home Learning too. Please complete the challenge and return on Wednesday in time for the Teddy Bears Picnic (information for this is on the letter). In the past I have had children who have not completed the task and they have been very upset on the day, watching their friends with teddy bears. Please ensure that the task is completed to avoid upset.


Please ensure that you child's green 'Home-Wow' Book is returned to Nursery. Thank-you


Over the summer please continue to reinforce the following with your child, prior to them starting in Reception:

1) Personal hygiene-remind your child to wash their hands after using the toilet and prior to eating.

2) Wiping themselves after going to the toilet and flushing the chain.

3) The children will be expected to change themselves into a PE kit, next year. They will also be expected to take off and put on their own shoes. Continue to practice this at home in preparation. 

4) Name writing-continue to reinforce.

5) Letter sounds-linking letters and their sounds.

6) Continue to encourage careful counting and using number language.


Only three more days to go!!! Please be reminded that Nursery is closed on Tuesday and that your child has been allocated a time to visit their Reception class.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker







A child from the morning Nursery is missing a jumper. Please check the name in your child's jumper. We are missing a jumper with the name 'Claudia' written inside.

7th July 2017


Next week we are going to Kew Gardens Thursday 13th July 2017.


Your child will need:

  1. A packed lunch in a disposable bag. The packed lunch must not contain NUT products or chocolate. We encourage a healthy lunch.

  2. A water bottle.

  3. A waterproof coat (if rain is forecast).

  4. A sun hat.

  5. To be wearing sun cream.


Your child MUST be wearing the full school uniform but they can wear trainers.

ALL children MUST be in school for 8.30am. We will start to depart at approx. 9.30am. Your child is to be picked up at 3.20pm from Nursery.

Please could ALL parent helpers be in school for 9.15am. Remember your packed lunch! I’m predicting that parent helpers will end up carrying packed lunches, water bottles and coats so it may be helpful to have a bigger bag!!! Please remember your Oyster card/contactless payment for the bus. We can’t get enough bus tickets for a trip this size.


This is a big trip. It’s Nursery and Reception that are going. That is 109 children and 56 adults. We are unable to take more adults. Please don’t meet us at the gardens as we are booked into an activity, your child will have been allocated to an adult, it gets a little confusing and it becomes more difficult to manage when travelling on buses. Please appreciate that a trip of this size takes a lot of planning and organising.


Your child will have a good time on the trip, sharing the experience with their friends (even the bus ride will be exciting for them)...we are looking forward to it.




Miss Whittaker

Please be reminded that we have the 'Welcome Meeting' on Wednesday 5th July at 5.30pm. This will take place in the hall and it's for parents/carers who have a child attending a Reception class from September.

29th June 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Please remember that we will be on stage at 12.45pm at the Summer fair. There are no special clothes that the children need to be wearing. Please meet bring your child to the stage at 12.45pm if you are able to attend (I don't want to be the only one on there!!!).


This week we have been very excited to see that our caterpillars have now gone into their cocoons. But what will the butterflies look like when they come out of the cocoon? We have had many suggestions...we have used pipettes and paint to create our very own butterfly designs this week. The children did a great job and some of there reactions where amazing when they realised that we could fold a butterfly shape in half and move the paint around!


As part of our learning we have reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have been counting out the pieces of fruit to match what the caterpillar ate on Monday to Friday. We then ate the fruit that we counted out (it was yummy).The children did some very careful counting and some were reminded to point at each object has they spoke a number name. This is so important. Please continue to reinforce careful counting at every opportunity.


We have been rehearsing a caterpillar song for Saturday and the children have been singing really well. Maybe your child will share it with you before the event!


Please continue to reinforce name writing at home. Everyday your child is expected to write their name when they come into Nursery. Please ensure that your child is on time so that they can do this.


There will not be another 'Stay and Play' this half term. Instead I am planning a 'Teddy Bears Picnic', in the final week. Parents will be invited to join us for this (but it is not compulsory). It is usually planned for the final hour of your child's Nursery session.  Last year we went to the Gym Trail and ate a small snack on the grass to the side. I will let you know a date asap but I am thinking the final Wednesday 19th June (I will confirm this).


I am aware that some children have come to the end of their Home Wow books. Being so late in the year your child will not be given a new one. Please complete any challenges on a piece of paper, named (by your child) and send them into Nursery. Thank-you.


We hope to see you on Saturday,


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker





27th June 2017


Thank-you to all of you that volunteered to come with us on the trip to Kew Gardens. As you know we had a LOT of volunteers and we are unable to take you all with us. Thank-you for agreeing to help.

The Parents/Carers that are coming on the trip are listed below (your child’s name). If you are unable to attend on Thursday 13th July please let me know asap.




AM Nursery

PM Nursery







Mia S.









Luca R.



Mia C.








Dear Parents/Carers,


Next Saturday it is the school's Summer Fair. The Nursery and Reception classes will be singing on stage at 12.45pm and it would be great if your child could join us at the stage to perform a couple of songs. 


The children have had a very busy Well Being week. They had two great sports events, made watermelon pizzas and we discussed washing our hands, properly. Thank-you to the parents that helped on the day of the marathon and to those that supported us on both days.  The children had ice-lollies today to say well done for some great sports.


I have had an overwhelming response by parents for the Kew Gardens trip. This means that I will now be putting names into hats and pulling them out to decide on who can help. Thank-you to all of those that volunteered. I will put up a list next week.


Enjoy the long weekend


Miss Whittaker

16th June 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


A huge thank-you for attending this week's Liturgy. The children were absolutely amazing and I was very proud of them all. There is a copy of the Liturgy, filmed on Tuesday, on Primary Essence. If you have forgotten your log in details please see me.


Next week is a short but busy one. We have the Marathon on Monday. Please drop your child off at the usual time; make sure that you are on time. I have been informed that volunteers have been contacted to assist with walking to and from the playing fields. We hope to see you at the field. Please remember to donate online for this amazing event.


Please remember all children need to be in Nursery for 8.30am on Tuesday, this includes children from the afternoon session. The main gates for parents/carers will be open from 9.00am-9.15am; we hope that you come and support us. Please be reminded that all children are to be picked up at 10.30am, from the usual door and that there is no afternoon session on this day.


On both days the children need to be wearing:

1)blue shorts

2) yellow school t-shirt

3) trainers

4) sun cream (please apply before arriving at Nursery).

5) a sun hat


All children MUST have a water bottle.


Can I also please remind parents that your child can now wear blue shorts to school. We have had an increase in the number of skirts being worn. We allow shorts or tracksuit bottoms (skirts are not very good for climbing in!). With the increasingly warm weather please ensure that your child has a sunhat and water bottle in school, everyday. Ensure that sun cream is applied before your child's Nursery session.



Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day (the children made some beautiful pictures for their daddy)




Miss Whittaker


9th July 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Not that long to go now! Time has flown by, this year. 


This week we have been very busy learning new songs and actions, as well as learning words for the Liturgy that takes place next week. The Liturgy is our retelling of Noah's Ark. This week your child may have brought home some words to learn. The children were asked if they would like to say a few words during the Liturgy. Some children chose not to say words, this is okay they can still join in with the words from songs that we are learning. Please practice your child's words with them at home, if they have been given them.


Please continue to reinforce name writing at home. REMEMBER THAT ONLY THE FIRST LETTER IS A CAPITAL!!! Please use the sheet that you were given at parents evening to practice the mnemonic that goes with a letter sound. For example, the letter 'a' is 'around the apple and down the leaf'.


Celebration Day, next Wednesday, does not apply to the Nursery. We have our monthly 'Stay and Play'.


The diary is starting to get full, with events that are taking place. Please continue to check the website for updates and keep an eye on the school newsletter. Information about the Sports Day is below and you have been given information about the Marathon. These all take place during 'Well Being Week'.


Finally, I would like to say a huge thank-you to Freya's dad and Isabella's dad. A bone doctor and a guitarist at our morning Stay and Play!!! The children loved it and we appreciate you giving your time to teach us something new.  Thank-you. 


Have a good weekend


Miss Whittaker



Dear Parents/Carers,


On Tuesday 20th June the Nursery will be taking part in a Sports day, alongside the Reception classes. We have been given a time slot of 9.15am-10.30am and this applies to both morning and afternoon nursery sessions. Please ensure that all children are at Nursery by 8.30am, wearing navy shorts, their school t-shirt and trainers/pumps that are suitable for running in. Your child must also have their water bottle. All of the children will then finish Nursery at 10.30am. There is no afternoon session on this day.


Parents and carers are very welcome to join us and the main school gates will remain open between 9.00am and 9.15am. Any late arrivals must go through the office. We will be over on the astro-turf/tennis courts for this event.




Miss Whittaker

As part of Well-being week Mount Carmel children have decided to run their very own marathon as a school. Every child will have a set distance to run - teamwork at it's best!


We do hope to see you all there on the day to support your child run their distance - a timetable will be sent out the week after half term so you know which time slot your child's class is running in.


The event will be held at Swyncombe Playing Fields on Monday 19th June. There will be teas and coffees for sale on the day too so please bring along any loose change and take some time to socialise with us on such an exciting day.


To sponsor your child please visit:


Please sponsor generously and share with friends and family near and far!


Can't wait to see you on the 19th June if not before. ​



Lucy Aylott and Calum McHardy


It is expected that ALL of the Nursery children will be involved in this event and we would like to send out a request for volunteers to assist in travelling to and from Swyncombe Playing Fields on this date.

26th May 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been talking about animals that went onto Noah's ark. The children have been painting pictures and have been encouraged to look very carefully at a small world animal, that they have chosen to paint, so that they could paint the features of that animal. How many legs? Does your animal have any eyes? Where are the ears? They also had to paint two of the same animal.


We have been very lucky in the Nursery, this week. It appears that a ladybird left us some eggs behind in one of the containers. We have been observing the ladybird larvae and talking about the features of those too!


We are still reinforcing name writing. A polite reminder that only the first letter in your child's name is to be an Uppercase (capital) letter. For example, Amanda. We are also still reinforcing listening for sounds, especially in CVC words. Please encourage this further at home. If your child draws a picture ask them to label it for you.


Today we are saying a fond farewell to Mrs Hopson; she has been amazing with the children and I know that she will be missed. We have made her a book and all of the children have contributed with a fabulous drawing.We wish her all the very best for her future and we hope that she comes back for a visit.


I have had a lot of positive comments about Bug Club. Please continue to encourage your child to talk about what is seen and happening. If your child wants to read it again, let them. This is encouraged as they may have different comments to add compared to the first time of reading.


The weather is changing and we have had a hot and sunny end to the week. Your child can wear navy blue shorts to Nursery.

After the holidays please ensure that your child...

1) brings a filled water bottle to Nursery

2) wears suitable shoes. I'm afraid due to safety reasons sandals are not permitted.

3) brings a suitable school sun hat.

4)  has  had sun cream applied before coming into Nursery. Sun cream is not to be left in your child's bag or on their peg.


Please be reminded that the trip to Kew Gardens is on the 13th July. We still have a lot of slips that have not been returned. I would also like to put out a request for more parent helpers.


Have a great half term


From Miss Whittaker



19th May 2017


Dear Parent/Carers,


Today your child has brought home two letters. One is regarding a visit from a Dental Hygienist on the 7th/14th June and the other is about our school trip to Kew Gardens. Please remember to return the Kew gardens slip to school and please volunteer (if you can). This weeks home learning is to explore 'Bug Club' and there is a letter that you have previously been emailed, attached. The Nursery children have now been added to the system and e-books have been allocated.


This week the children have been practising their name writing and letter formation. Everyday the children are being encouraged to write their name when they arrive at Nursery. If your child is writing their forename please move onto practising their surname. Check that the formation of  the letter is correct.


We are continuing to solve number problems using the animals form the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We are encouraging careful counting, reinforcing understanding of the language more, less, fewer, same and we are looking at numerals 0-10 whilst showing the correct number of fingers.


On Thursday the children made 'Caterpillar Kebabs' with Ms Youshie. The children used cucumber and grapes to form the body of the caterpillar, on a cocktail stick and they were taught about creating a simple pattern. We used a raisin for the head and served the caterpillar on a lettuce leaf with an avocado dip on the side! It was very green! The children were encouraged to listen for the initial sound of the ingredient and match it to the corresponding letter shape. In phonics we are starting to blend/segment simple cvc words, for example, cat, dog, hog and hen.


This week we had 'Walk to School Week' and we had a great response. We have been filling out a chart and I gave a sticker to the children who walked, scooted or cycled to school each day. Today we have been walking around the lines of one of the courts so that the children who have not received a sticker could still have a chance of getting a magnet.


Have a great weekend,


Keep walking, scooting or cycling and have fun exploring Bug Club


Miss Whittaker

12th May 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Wow, we've had a full week in Nursery!


This week we have been investigating what happened to the wonderful boats that the children brought in to share. The children had a great time showing their friends what happened to their boat. Some children added sea life creatures, others poured water onto the boats and some children added marbles to the boat until it sank! It was great fun. We did a carpet time investigation prior to the children putting their boats into the tray. I filled up a bucket of water and took three different sized boats from our water tray toys. We talked about what would happen to each of the boats if we put them into the water. We then put the boats into the water; they floated. I then introduced a bowl of marbles and asked the children what they thought might happen if we put a marble into the water. After watching the marble sink to the bottom of the bucket the children were asked about what they thought might happen if we put marbles in to the smallest boat. We added marbles until the boat started to sink. I then asked the children to predict what might happen to the other boats asking them also how many marbles it may take to sink the boats. A great investigation that can be continued at home with other objects.


We have had some mini visitors (grasshoppers) in Nursery this week and we have been talking about their features. The children have been encouraged to think about the differences and similarities between creatures. For example, do a horse and a hen have the same number of legs? How many eyes does a pig have? How many eyes do we have? Do we have a tail?


The children have been encouraged to listen for initial sounds at the start of words and this was further reinforced when we made a 'Ladybird Latte' on Thursday, with Ms. Youshie. The ingredients for this (made up recipe!) included a blended mixture of banana, strawberries, raspberries, raisins (ladybird spots) and milk. Please continue to reinforce hearing initial/end sounds in words at home.


We have continued to read 'What the ladybird Head' and 'Noah's Ark' and next week the children will be introduced to 'What the Ladybird Heard Next'.


Next week is 'Walk to School Week'. Please encourage your child to walk for the full journey or part of the journey to school. The children will be asked daily, about their walk to school and we will be completing a class sticker chart.


Have a great weekend and happy bug hunting,



Miss Whittaker

5th May 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you for attending today's 'Stay and Play', it is great to see so many of you sharing your child's Nursery experience. They love it! We will have another 'Stay and Play' soon but I want your suggestions. Is there anything that you would like to see at a 'Stay and Play' or do? Do any of you have any amazing talents that you would like to share? Last week Neave's daddy shared his circus skills, do anymore of you have any hidden talents? Maybe a musician, a dancer, a singer, an author.. the talent list could go on... that you could show to inspire the children? Let me know! A big thank-you to Lukasz's dad and Xena's dad for sharing a story at the afternoon session.


Today the children have been introduced to the 'Gym Trail'. The children have had great fun climbing under, over and through obstacles. Ask your child where the 'Gym Trail' is if you are not sure.


This week we have continued to read 'What the Ladybird Heard', 'Lucy Ladybird' and we have read different versions of 'Noah's Ark'. We have been doing some mark-making and the children have been encouraged to talk in more detail about their work as well as listen out for initial sounds. For example,  if they drew a sunset they were encouraged to say what the initial sound is in sunset 's' and then they were asked to write that sound.


We have been using the language more and fewer this week, comparing quantities and doing some simple problem solving. We always use props or visual aids to help. For example, we have six ladybirds and two leaves. Two ladybirds flew to one leaf with the other four ladybirds flying to the second. Which leaf has the fewest/least number of ladybirds? Which leaf has the most ladybirds on it? How can we get the same number of ladybirds on each leaf? What do we need to do?


Have a fabulous weekend


Miss Whittaker



28th April 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


What a short week! This week we have focussed on two stories 'What the Ladybird Heard?' and 'Lucy Ladybird' talking about what is seen and happening. We will continue to use these books over the coming weeks to help with our phonics and number learning. Hopefully we will soon see some ladybirds (we had a few in the garden before the holiday!).


A huge thank-you to Neave's daddy for an amazing 'Circus Skills Workshop'. We all learnt something new! The children had fun using scarves, spinning plates and balancing a peacock feather. Thank-you.


It would be great if at home the children could continue to practise their name writing. Please remember to form the letters correctly. If your child is writing their forename move onto their surname or other words of importance to them eg mummy, daddy... Please make this learning fun. It is best to do it when your child is wide awake!


Please be reminded that we have a 'Stay and Play' next Friday.


One last thing...currently, a fast food restaurant (the one with the golden arches) are giving away Smurf houses. If you happen to acquire one and your child no longer wants it you can be assured that it will be given a good home at Nursery. They are great little houses for Small World play and I'm sure the pirates, knights, monsters, animals, insects will appreciate them (and the children too)!!!


Have a great bank holiday weekend,


From Miss Whittaker

Easter Egg Raffle


Today and Easter Egg raffle took place. We had 5 lucky winners from Nursery and 4 of the eggs were given to siblings.


The winners are:


Beatrix (morning nursery)

Adelaide (morning nursery)

Luca R (afternoon nursery) I will keep this egg safe until after the holiday.

Sophia (afternoon nursery)

Sean (morning nursery)



Have a great holiday.





6th April 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


this week we have been learning about Easter. We watched 'Let's Celebrate-Easter', made chocolate nests, created an Easter garden (during Collective Worship), made Easter cards, had an Easter Bonnet Parade and we tried Hot Cross Buns. We also read some books about the Easter story. The children have put a prayer, that we have been learning, into their cards.


The children have brought home their beans. Please encourage your child to look after the beans whilst they continue to grow. Some of the beans may need a little extra care than others! I did add another bean to the bean houses that contained a bean that didn't grow. One of the children will not have a bean; I found one on the floor!


Well done to all of the children for the fabulous Easter Bonnets that they created. They looked amazing when we paraded around the playground.


Have a fabulous Easter holiday and stay safe. I look forward to reading about your holidays in the Home-Wow books.


We look forward to seeing you on the 25th April,


From Miss Whittaker



31st March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Where is time going! We are at the end of march already!!! This week we have been looking at the progress of our beans and we have been using the vocabulary root, shoot and leaf/leaves. We have continued to read the stories 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we have done some mark-making this week related to the question 'What will you find at the top of your beanstalk?'


The children have been learning a rhyme called 'Hickety Pickety my red hen' and listening out for how many eggs Hickety Pickety lays. I encourage the children to close their eyes when the eggs are being laid (so instead of saying 'pop' I drop a plastic egg) and I encourage the children to show me, using their fingers, how many eggs were laid. There is a video, that the children have not seen, on the bbc school website.  Find this at


Hickety Pickety my red hen,

She lays eggs for Farmer Ben.

Farmer Ben comes every day

To count how many eggs lie in the hay.


She has laid 5 eggs today.


Hickety Pickety my red hen,

She lays eggs for Farmer Ben.

Farmer Ben comes every day

To count how many eggs lie in the hay.


She has laid 3 eggs today.


Hickety Pickety my red hen,

She lays eggs for Farmer Ben.

Farmer Ben comes every day

To count how many eggs lie in the hay.


She has laid 4 eggs today.


The 'Home-wow' books have not been handed out this week. The challenge is to create an Easter Bonnet for a parade next Thursday, the last day of term. Please bring the bonnets in on Thursday as there is no space to store them at Nursery. I want ALL of the children to have made a bonnet by Thursday; we don't want any sad faces on the last day of term! Information can be found on the Home learning page. If you struggle for ideas do a search on google (that's what I did for my daughter's bonnet!). This week you may have noticed that we didn't do a cooking/making/tasting activity. Next week we will be having two sessions! Chocolate nests and Hot Cross Buns! So egg-citing!


Have a great weekend


From Miss Whittaker

24th March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week the children have been very busy creating a picture for their Mummy for Mother's Day. The children used celery to print a floral picture. They have done an amazing job; they even told us what they wanted to write for their mummy!


We used celery for printing and we tasted it too. The children watched Ms Youshie making houmous before using the houmous to make 'Ants on Logs' (don't worry the ants were not real!). The children filled a piece of celery using the houmous before adding the ants (raisins). This had a mixed reaction from the children, some enjoyed all of it with others just eating ants!


This week we have been reading the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' whilst watching the development of our beans. Next week we will be discussing what we may find at the top of our beanstalk and we will be starting to learn about Easter.


Thank-you for attending 'Stay and Play' today. The children get so much out of it and it's a great opportunity to see what your child likes to do in Nursery. What you see is what happens each day;  we love to have fun whilst learning!


Have a fabulous weekend (and Mother's Day)


From Miss Whittaker



17th March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Wow! What a great afternoon. Thank-you so much to the Fire-fighter's who visited our Nursery today. The children had a brilliant time and continued talking about the visit for the rest of the session. A huge thank-you to Taylor's daddy for organising.


This week we have continued to learn about 'New Life' by making 'Bean Houses' so that we can see what happens to beans when we add water and light. We will continue to watch the growth process over the next couple of weeks. We have had different predictions about what might grow out of the bean, including flowers, bean stalks and dinosaurs (we did read the story 'How to Grow a Dinosaur'!).


The children have been introduced to the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and we have been talking about what Jasper did and how he looked after his bean. Over the coming weeks we will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and we will discuss with the children what they would find at the top of their Beanstalk (fingers crossed that they grow!).


In phonics the children have listened to the story 'Chicken Licken' and we have discussed the rhyming names. We have also been encouraging the children to listen to the sounds at the start of words. To help with this we have been sorting objects beginning with the phonemes (sounds) s, a, t, p, i, n and matching them to the correct grapheme (letter shape). 


The children have been learning about St. Patrick's day and have been watching 'Let's Celebrate' on cbeebies. They have had the opportunity to decorate shamrocks, create rainbows and they have been encouraged to talk about their experiences. The children have promised me that they will share their findings if they ever find a pot of gold and a Leprechaun at the end of a Rainbow!  Mrs Hopson made some yummy green biscuits, with the children, with Irish themed shape cutters brought in by Mrs G.


Have a great weekend


From Miss Whittaker



10th March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you so much for attending parent consultations yesterday, it's great to hear about what the children are like at home and the brilliant things that they get up to out of Nursery; I didn't know that we had so many swimmers in the classes!


This week we have focussed on the chicks A LOT! We have had them out in the 'Chicken jail' (I would prefer to name it a pen or at least a place where the chicks are free to spread their wings!) and the children have been fascinated watching the chicks flap around (and poo!). We said goodbye to the chicks and they have gone to a very good home.


We have been reading chick related books, especially the counting story 'The Cheepy, Chirpy, Chicks'. This story has been helping us with our one-to-one counting and our numeral recognition. The story 'Stuck in the Mud' is a favourite too, ask your child to tell you about it. We have also been singing a song about a 'Spring Chicken' and we will be continuing to learn this next week.


Next Friday we will have a visit from a Fire Engine. The Fire Engine is arriving at 1.30pm but please be aware that it may have to rush off if there is an emergency. Morning children are more then welcome to join us in the playground but please be aware that parents/carers must stay with their child. We will open the Nursery gate at 1.25pm to let the morning Nursery in.


Have a great weekend




Miss Whittaker



3rd March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


What a week we have had at Nursery! We have not stopped since the arrival of the eggs on Monday, Pancake making on Tuesday, a visit to the church on Wednesday (and a visit to the chicks) and World book Day on Thursday (and another visit to the chicks)! The children have been brilliant with the many changes to our routine and they did really well when we went on our visit to the Church. A huge thank-you to the parents/carers that helped out on our Church visit, your time was very much appreciated.


This week we have been enjoying the story 'The Runaway Pancake'; a story very similar to 'The Gingerbread Man'. Ask your child to tell you all about it. Our main focus though as been the arrival of the eggs and the amazing new lives that came out of them (unfortunately there are no dinosaurs!). I have been updating the website daily with videos and photos of the new arrivals. This is under 'Children', 'Curriculum', Science', 'eggs'. I am taking the chicks home for the weekend and I will continue to update the site.


Please remember to sign up for a ten minute parent consultation, next Thursday and that Nursery is closed on this day.


Have a great weekend



Miss Whittaker

27th February 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


We were all egg-cited today when our visitors arrived. The visitors are currently inside an egg but we hope that they will make an appearance on Wednesday/Thursday. The children have been told what is inside the eggs. The eggs have been numbered from 1-10. Which do you think will hatch first?


Follow the daily updates by looking under the tab 'Curriculum' and selecting the subject 'Science'. I will add more photos of the children visiting on this page. 




Please return your slips for the Church visit. I need these for each child.





Miss Whittaker

24th February 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


A huge thank-you for the great turn out at today's 'Stay and Play' sessions. The children love having you in the classroom and I know that they like to share their learning with you. A big thank-you to the parent's of Neave, Sean, Connor and Lewis for sharing a story. I already have some volunteers for the next sessions but please see me if you would like to share a story. Or maybe you would like to see something different at a 'Stay and Play session? I welcome any ideas.


This week we have been learning about the names shapes and talking about how many sides and corners a shape has. We have painted some beautiful rainbow shape and these will be on display soon. The children became detectives when they went on a shape hunt around the school. They found lots of different shapes. We have been looking at a book called 'The Shape Song Swingalong' and we have been exploring the different shapes in a book called 'Ship Shapes'.  We will continue to discuss shapes in the next coming weeks. 


The children made play dough with Ms. Youshie, yesterday. The children chose the colour and scent of the play dough and they helped to mix the ingredients together. I hope that they had lot's of fun exploring the playdough, at home.


I brought some Daffodils into school on Tuesday and the children have been exploring them very carefully. They have been encouraged to use the language daffodil, petal, stem and corona to name the different parts of the flower. The children started to do some observational drawings and were encouraged to draw the correct number of petals. 


As you know Thursday saw the arrival of storm Doris. We had a fabulous time with streamers exploring what happened to them in the wind. The children had huge smiles on their faces as the streamers lifted off the ground. 


We have some special visitors arriving on Monday, in the form of eggs! I am very egg-cited about the visitors and it will all become clear on Monday. The children have not been told about the surprise visitors but I am informing you as I will be updating the website daily with photos and videos. 


Please return Church slips (on Monday) if they are still to be returned. Thank-you to those that have volunteered, you are all welcome to join us. Please remember that siblings cannot join us on the trip.


Have a great weekend




Miss Whittaker

10th February 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Half term holidays are here; time is flying by in the Nursery! 


This week we have been focusing on two books 'Guess How Much I Love You' and 'Love, Splat'. The children have enjoyed sharing them and talking about who they love. Your child has made a Valentines card and when creating a heart shape for the front we found out something amazing; if you mix together red and white paint a new colour is made! The children explored what happens to the new colour when more white or more red is added. We made the new colour lighter and darker. 


This week we have been learning about the sound 'c' (c-c-c caterpillar) and we made some Cloud dough using two ingredients conditioner (hair) and cornflour. We measured out the ingredients using a cup (one cup of conditioner and two cups of cornflour) and mixed them together in a bowl. It's a messy activity but makes a lovely dough!


We also made some 'Love Toast'. This was met with mixed reviews but the children still ate it! For the 'love Toast you need milk, food colouring, bread, butter, a heart shaped cutter, a paint brush (we had some new ones in the cupboard!) and a grill/toaster.


1) Pour the milk into a container.

2) Add a little food colouring to the milk (we used pink).

3) Lightly press the heart shaped cutter into the bread (making sure that you don't cut all the way through the bread.

4) Using the milk/food colouring mixture paint inside the heart shape using the paint brush.

5) Toast the bread.

6) Spread on a little butter and enjoy, with love!


A provisional date that I have added to the diary is a visit to the Church. I am awaiting confirmation but I'm hoping the visit will take place on Wednesday 1st March. I will let you know more when it is confirmed.


Have a great half term


Take care, from Miss Whittaker




3rd February 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week the children have been very surprised to see that we have had some visitors leaving footprints in our classroom. We have talked about what could have been in our classroom and the children came up with a lot of ideas! We have been reading some monster stories and on Thursday we were very surprised when a monster called Splodge left us a letter and some ingredients in the kitchen. In the letter Splodge asked us to make a monster face! Ms Youshie helped the children to make a monster face using muffins, olives, cheese, tomato pizza sauce, basil, carrot and mangetout. The faces looked very yummy! 


The children liked to share the story 'Monsters Love Underpants' and we carried out a mini investigation based on the 'woolly mountain monsters'. We found out what what happens when we put underpants in a very cold place (the freezer!). 


Mrs Hopson shared her wedding photos with the children on Wednesday, as part of our learning about celebrations that take place in a church. Maybe you could share some photos of weddings that you may have attended. The children were very interested to talk about the church, family and the cake! We will be going on a visit to the church next half term.


In Nursery we have been continuing to talk about flushing the toilet and washing our hands after we have used the toilet. We have also talked about washing our hands before eating. Please continue to reinforce this at home. A lot of the children have coughs/colds at the moment and in class we are reinforcing that we have to catch our coughs and sneezes. The children are being encouraged to use tissues and are reminded to throw the tissues into the bin.


Have a great weekend (have fun freezing pants!)


Miss Whittaker


Friday 27th January 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you so much for helping your child to make such magnificent bottle creations. they enjoyed sharing what they have made and we will be talking about them in more detail, next week. Great work.


This week we have been learning about a celebration that is taking place this Saturday; Chinese New Year. A big thank-you goes out to Michael's (pm Nursery) mummy who brought in some brilliant Chinese New Year objects that the children could look at and talk about. The children loved looking at them and it was great for them to talk about them. They liked the lantern, especially as they themselves had been practicing their cutting skills this week by making a paper lantern. All of these are on display in the cloakroom. They did a great job.On Thursday Ms.Youshie set up a restaurant in the kitchen. The children had the opportunity to taste noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers with two choices of dip; plum or sweet chilli. The children had the opportunity to use a pair of chopsticks too. The restaurant was a success and there wasn't much food left at the end!


As part of our number learning we have been telling the story of the race between the twelve animals associated with Chinese New Year. We have been using small world animals to retell the story and we have been solving number problems. For example, five animals have made it to the riverbank, how many animals are left swimming? Or, six animals are still in the water, one stops off for a rest, how many are there on the riverbank? or, how many animals are there altogether? The children have been encourage to count the animals carefully whilst saying number names. We have also been using ordinal language, for example first, second, third...The children have taken part in telling the story and they have been set the challenge of telling it to you, over the weekend. Ask your child about the rat! Whilst we have been learning the story the children have been encouraged to listen to the initial sounds of animal names; for example the sound at the start of rat is 'r'.


Thank-you again to Michael's mummy, 


Have a great weekend




Miss Whittaker

20th January 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been very busy reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have been joining in with both the words and the actions, very well. Ask your child to tell you about the story. During our hall time on Friday we acted out some of the story and we packed a bag before we left home! 


This week we have focused on hearing initial sounds in words. Particularly focusing on the letter sounds 's' and 'b'. We have sorted objects and we have made 'Silly Soup' with objects that begin with these two sounds. On Thursday the children made 'Banana Butties' (a banana sandwich) and they used ingredients that begin with the 'b' sound; butter, brown bread and banana. 




We will continue to focus on hearing initial sounds in words, next week. 


This week we have also talked about what it means to be a good friend. The children thought about this and during Collective worship we discussed what we can do to show that we can be a good friend. During a small group activity the children were given a piece of paper on which to write their name in agreement of being a good friend. I have noticed that a lot of the children are keen to write their name and this is great. Please remember that only the first letter should be written in uppercase lettering and the remainder should be written in lowercase lettering. For example, Amanda should be written like this, Amanda and not like this AMANDA.


Thank-you to Monty for inspiring the Home-Wow challenge this week, with his bottle rocket. Please only use a small bottle and return to school by Tuesday at the latest. The children were very excited when it was discussed. You could reinforce the learning of the letter 'b' by talking about the bottle beginning with a 'b' sound!


Have a great weekend


Happy making


 Miss Whittaker



Friday 13th 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly, I am sorry that the Home learning was missing from the website last week; I forgot to click on save when it had been uploaded. It is now there along with this week's Home learning. Secondly, thank-you so much for completing the 'Wow-Moments'; it's great to read about your child's achievements outside of Nursery. Please write more in their Home-wow books if something amazes you.


Thank-you for attending today's 'Stay and Play' and a huge thank-you to the parents who read a story during the session. The children love listening to stories and it is great for them to hear stories being told in a different way. I have already had volunteers for the next 'Stay and Play' which will take place on Friday 24th February 2017. Thank-you to Rachel Porter our visiting Speech and Language Therapist. I hope you found her information useful and if you have any further enquiries please ask.


This week we have continued with our 'Adventure' topic. We have been reading the story 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo's Child' talking about the characters that the mouse/Gruffalo's Child meet. we have focused on listening for the initial sounds in the names of the characters. The children have also enjoyed listening to the stories 'How to grow a Dinosaur' and 'How to Catch a Dragon'.We have been learning the Gruffalo song and the children made a 'Gruffalo Crunch' with Ms Youshie. During greeting time this week we have been finding out if we have more boys/girls each day. The children have been encouraged to count two separate groups before finding out how many children we have altogether. Next week we will start to read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and we will also be talking about shapes. 


Have a great weekend




Miss Whittaker

6th January 2017


Dear Parents/carers,


Happy New Year to you all. The children were very excited when they came back to Nursery on Wednesday; they couldn't wait to talk about what Father Christmas had brought for them!


This week we have been reading the story 'The Gruffalo' and over the next coming weeks we will start a mini topic called 'Adventures'. We will be reading a variety of books were the main characters finds themselves exploring different environments and objects. We will discuss different journeys that the children have been on and we will be using our imagination to think of adventures that we would like to go on.


This week I have given your child a 'Wow-Moment' for you to fill in. Please complete this and stick it into your child's 'Home-Wow' book. You could write about how your child has amazed you, recently. Examples could include 'They recognised a letter in their name when we read a book' or 'they wrote all of the letters in their name' or 'they found a triangle when we went to the park' or' they recited number names from 1-20' or 'they did some beautiful singing, when they shared a song with the family'. These are just a few examples. I'm sure your child impresses you everyday and it would be great if you could add these to your 'Home-Wow' books. Remember to share your child's news in the 'Home-Wow' books too. They may have celebrated their birthday or their grandparents may have visited or they may have a new brother!


We have a 'Stay and Play' next Friday. These sessions are to be held once a month and I would like to have some parent/carer volunteers to share books with small groups of children during these sessions. The  children love to hear different adults sharing a story with them. If you would like to read a short story to a small group of children please let me know.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker


Wednesday 21st December 2016


Dear Parents/Carers and the Nursery children,


Thank-you so much for the lovely gifts that I have received for Christmas. Your generosity and kind words are very much appreciated. The children have had a great first term in the Nursery and they deserve a good rest! 


The children have their Home Wow books. It would be great if your child could share how they celebrate Christmas this year. 


I wish you all a fabulous Christmas, hoping that Father Christmas is good to you all and a prosperous 2017.


See you all next year


All the very best


Thank-you, again


Miss Whittaker


16th December 2016


Dear Parents/Carers,


The children have been very busy in the lead up to Christmas and as you are aware they are very excited about the upcoming visit from Father Christmas! This week we have been reading the story 'Father Christmas Needs a Wee'. It's a great story and one that is good for number work. The children have been encouraged to show the correct number of fingers for each of the drinks that he consumes at the different houses. We have continued to talk about why we celebrate Christmas and have enjoyed continuing to learn the story of 'The Nativity'.


The children may have told you about 'Mr Elf'. He has come for a visit this week and he uses his magic to move around the classroom each evening, after visiting Father Christmas at the North Pole. During Collective Worship we have talked about being kind and helpful towards each other. 


The children were amazing on our visit to the theatre on Tuesday. I was very impressed with their super listening and excellent behaviour on their first Nursery outing.  We had lots of fun and I hope that they told you all about the performance. A huge thank-you to the parents that supported us on the trip, I hope that you had a good time too! I have added a photo to their Home-Wow book, from the trip, along with a ticket and flyer from the show. I have also added a class photo taken before the 'Christmas Sing-A-long' last week. Thank-you to all for sharing this experience with us and for your support with the 'Secret Santa' and nibbles.


Please be reminded that Nursery is not open next Wednesday. I have also added a date for a 'Stay and Play' on 13th January 2017. On this date we will be joined by Mrs Porter, our visiting Speech and Language Therapist and she will be available to chat to all.


Have a fabulous weekend, 


Miss Whittaker


Meet the Teacher (Nursery)

Enjoy the Summer break, the school will re open on Wednesday 6th September 2017.