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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

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'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'
'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'


Welcome to GREEN TEAM

Our Class Teacher is: Miss Whittaker

     Our Nursery Nurses is Mrs Barber






Welcome to the Nursery web page. 


On this page you will find information about what the children have been learning and ideas for supporting their learning at home.


This page will be updated each Friday. 

Everyday we say two prayers and you can continue learning these at home.  The children are starting to join in a lot more, especially with the sign of the cross at the start and the end of the prayer. 



The prayer that we say at the start of the session is:


Our Lady of Mount Carmel,

Place love in our hearts, throughout this day, to

Respect everybody in everyway. Through

Actions we show how we can improve,

Yearning to succeed in all we do. If

Everybody behaves like this in the school, it'll

Result with us all, becoming like you.






And at the end of the session:


O my God you love me,

You're with me night and day.

I want to love you always,

In all I do and say.

I try to please you Father,

Bless me through the day.



Maybe you could share this prayer with your child before they go to bed:


God our Father I come to say,

Thank-you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning,

Send your light.


Dates for the Diary


25th November-Christmas Fair (Nursery classes have been asked to sing on the stage at 12.10pm. It would be great if your child could be at the stage for 12.05pm)


11th December 2018- Trip to the Watermans Centre. 


14th December 2018 – Nursery show 9am and 1pm.


20th December 2018 – Last day of Nursery

9th November 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been very busy learners!


At the start of the week we talked about Fireworks and this led into our learning about the Hindu Festival of Lights 'Diwali'. We watched some clips that are shown on cbeebies (worth a look- that talk about what Diwali is and how it is celebrated. From this we created Firework pictures (using a salad spinner), looked at shapes (Rangoli patterns) and also talked about Mehndi patterns. Some of the children chose to draw around their handprint and decorate it with shapes. We will continue this learning next week.  


A huge thank-you to those parents/carers who helped out with our school trip to Kew Gardens. The children had a lovely time, despite the weather and we found some amazing leaves/autumnal objects that we have been using to create leaf man/leaf lady pictures. Prior to our trip the children had been shown a copy of 'Leaf-Man', a story about a man made of leaves who is blown in the wind and taken on an adventure. The children have been encouraged to use objects that we found on the trip for the arms, legs, body, head and to think about what could be used to create the face. We had to plan our picture before we glued any of the objects down. The finished pictures will be on display when the glue has dried!


Today we watched a clip, again from cbeebies, after a discussion about why we are seeing people wearing Poppies at the moment and the importance of them. It's a lovely clip to share with your child.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker





 31st October 2018


Next week we are going to Kew Gardens, on Wednesday 7th November 2018.


Your child will need:

  1. A packed lunch in a disposable bag. The packed lunch must not contain NUT products or chocolate. We encourage a healthy lunch.

  2. A water bottle.

  3. A warm, waterproof coat.

  4. Hats and gloves (if needed).


Your child MUST be wearing the full school uniform but they can wear trainers/wellies (the ground may be wet and muddy so wellies are best).


ALL children MUST be in school for 8.30am. We will start to depart at approx. 9.20am. Your child is to be picked up at 1.30pm from Nursery.


Please could ALL parent helpers be in school for 9.15am. Remember your packed lunch! I’m predicting that parent helpers will end up carrying packed lunches and  water bottles so it may be helpful to have a bigger bag!!! Please remember your Oyster card/contactless payment for the bus. We can’t get enough bus tickets for a trip this size. Unfortunately, I cannot take all parents with us on the trip but there will be other trips throughout the year and you will have a turn. Please check if your child's name is on the parent/carer helper list below.


AM Nursery -  Liberty, Rhys, Rosa, Maya, Ethan, Zita, Thomas, Liliana (squirrel), Finn


PM Nursery- Marcelo, Giulia, Keira, Rafael, Orla, Veronika, Elodie


Best wishes


Miss Whittaker 

19th October 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Can you believe we have reached our first half term? Time is flying by...


The children have settled beautifully and they should feel very proud of themselves.


Over the last few weeks we have reinforced our learning of Nursery Rhymes, including number rhymes and we have enjoyed reading the stories 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  The children are being taught how to hold books correctly and we are especially talking about taking care of the books that we have. Please reinforce this learning at home. We have been moving to music, using ribbons and we have been making big movements that will eventually make an appearance in the children's mark making.


The weather is starting to change. Please ensure that your child has a suitable, warm, blue coat for Nursery and let them practice taking it off and putting it on. 


Thank-you so much for the donations that have come in to Nursery. It's great to have your support and the children will benefit, especially through cooking and play dough making!


We will be going to Kew Gardens on the 7th November. Thank-you to all of those who volunteered to help. We hope that some of you can still make it. Below is a list of the adults that we will be taking (under your child's name). Apologies to those that have not made the list but there will be other opportunities, throughout the year...unfortunately we are unable to take grown-ups with small children.


AM Nursery -  Liberty, Rhys, Rosa, Maya, Ethan, Zita, Thomas, Liliana (squirrel), Finn


PM Nursery- Marcelo, Giulia, Keira, Rafael, Orla, Veronika, Elodie


Thanks again


Have a fabulous half term


From Miss Whittaker and Mrs Barber





13th October 2018


Nursery AM and PM class reps urgently needed!

The class rep is an important role in ensuring clear communication between the MCCA committee and each class. Responsibilities include passing on already-written emails and information to class parents, promoting MCCA events to the class and coordinating the class stall rota for the school fairs. Help is always on hand from the Andrea, the class rep coordinator, and the committee.


If you are a new parent, it is an ideal way of getting to know the other parents in your child's class. We suggest two reps per class, so you can support each other, but not more than that so we don't diminish the pool of helpers for future years!

Please consider helping. All the money we raise through the MCCA goes directly to to buying things which help our children's education and school experience. Contact class rep coordinator Andrea Connell at or Roisin at


Thank you

12th October 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Please remember to sign up online for Parent Consultations. The Nursery is closed on Thursday 18th October.


If you have not yet done so please return the school trip forms.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



5th October 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Yesterday your child received two letters regarding trips; one for Kew Gardens and another for the Waterman's Centre. Please complete the slips and return them to the school by Monday 8th October.


This week we have continued to read the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children have made porridge and they ate this with banana. The morning Nursery children gobbled it all up and the afternoon Nursery weren't as keen!


We have continued learning Nursery rhymes with the children joining in more frequently. This weeks Home-Wow is linked to this learning. The children have been encouraged to count, daily and we have started to look at some letter sounds and shapes. Daily the children are asked to find their name card when they arrive at Nursery. At home you could reinforce your child's recognition of their own name or the letters in their name by asking them to see if they can find them in a variety of texts.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

28th September 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you so much for attending last nights 'Meet the Teacher Evening'. I have added the power point below for reference. Please read this if you didn't attend.


Could you please check that you have only your child's water bottle and trousers at home. We are currently missing some trousers and water bottles. The water bottle was named.


This week the children have been very busy learning new Nursery rhymes and reinforcing ones that we already know. We have been doing careful counting, everyday and the children are being encouraged to say the number name for each object that they point at. We have been reinforcing the Nursery rules, especially good listening and making good choices at tidy up time. Please reinforce at home the careful handling of books. Encourage your child to look at the pictures and to turn pages without pulling them too hard so that the book rips!


Next week I will be sending home two letters regarding two upcoming trips. Please keep a look out for these.


Have a good weekend and good luck with the 'Mini-Mile', if you are partaking.


Miss Whittaker and Mrs Barber

21st September 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


What a busy week we have had in the Nursery. The children have been busy settling in to the routine and making new friends.


This week we have been focussing on tidying up and listening. Please continue to reinforce tidying up at home. It's very important that the children look after the resources at Nursery and that they remember where to put them once they have finished playing. The children are expected to tidy up and to respond to the instruction of tidy up when it is given.


Please check pockets. We have noticed that some of the children have been putting Nursery toys into their pockets. If any toys make there way home please send them back.




Please check that you take home YOUR child's belongings at the end of their session. If somebody else is collecting your child please inform them to check that they are taking home your child's belongings. This week we have had a few mix-ups with clothing, book bags and water bottles.


Next Thursday is the 'Meet The Teacher' evening. This starts at 5 o'clock in the school hall, we hope to see you there.


Have a good weekend




Miss Whittaker and Mrs Barber



14th September 2018


Welcome to all of the Nursery children that have started this week. It's been lovely meeting you all and we hope that you have had lots of fun. We look forward to seeing you again on Monday.


Have a great weekend,




Miss Whittaker and Mrs Barber

Meet the Teacher Evening 2018

#Encourage, Challenge and Support.#