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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

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'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'
'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'


Welcome to GREEN TEAM

Our Class Teacher is: Miss Bryant

     Our Nursery Nurses are: Mrs. Baxter, Ms Youshie, Miss Kopec and Mrs. Field






Welcome to the Nursery web page. 


On this page you will find information about what the children have been learning and ideas for supporting their learning at home.


This page will be updated EVERY Friday. 

Everyday we say two prayers and you can continue learning these at home.  The children are starting to join in a lot more, especially with the sign of the cross at the start and the end of the prayer. 

Ask them to teach it to you!


The prayer that we say at the start of the session is:


O my God you love me,

You're with me night and day.

I want to love you always,

In all I do and say.

I try to please you Father,

Bless me through the day.




And at the end of the session:


God our Father I come to say,

Thank-you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning,

Send your light.


Dates for the diary



Saturday 2nd December 2017 -Christmas Fair. Children singing on stage at 1pm. Please be at the stage for 12.55pm.


8th December 2017 - Nursery 'Stay and Play' (am Nursery 10.15am and pm Nursery 2.15pm)


12th December 2017 - Nursery Show (am Nursery 9.00am and pm Nursery 1.00pm). Children will leave with their parents once the show is over.


14th December 2017- Nursery trip to 'Watermans Centre'. All children to be in school for 8.30am. All children to be picked up at approx. 12.00pm. (There is no afternoon Nursery on this day)


15th December 2017-Children can wear a Christmas Jumper to Nursery


19th December 2017 - Nursery last day


Are you having a clear out? We would welcome any donations of unwanted toys, dress up costumes and arts and crafts materials.

Thank you,

Green Team



9th February 2018 - Stay and Play, and Nursery last day

1st March 2018 - World Book Day, come dressed as your favourite book character.

15th March 2018, Nursery closed for parent teacher interviews.




16th March 2018


Hello Parentssmiley

It was lovely to see you all yesterday.


Currently we are working on shapes and colours.

This week the Home Wow Challenge is to drawn all the shapes you know and to colour them in. 

Parents and carers please write down the answers for the shapes and colours the children tell you. 


Have a lovely weekend.

From Miss Bryant smiley

9th March 2018


Good Morning Nursery!

Just a few reminders:

If you are bringing something into the Nursery to celebrate your child's birthday please may it be a healthy snack. We would prefer a small gift instead of food. 

Thank you 


Home Wow Challenge this week:

We are starting our new topic of Lent and the Catholic Faith. This week we are looking at special food you would share at celebrations or special gatherings with family and friends. Please draw a picture of the food and write a few sentences about the special gathering.

We would love the children to bring in any Catholic toys or activities they have at home.


Have a lovely weekend smiley

Miss Bryant


28th February 2018


Tomorrow is World Book Day please come dressed up as your favourite book character.


Parents please make sure your child’s outfit is weather appropriate.


Miss Bryantsmiley


23rd February

Welcome back Nursery!


I have heard all about the wonderful holidays the children had, it is so lovely to see you back. 


Home Wow Challenge  23/2/2018

Next week is world book week and on Thursday the 1st of March please come dressed up as your favourite book character.

This week for home wow please choose your favourite book and draw a picture from it. 


Parents and child minders please only write two or three sentences about the picture, as lovely as it is writing paragraphs and drawing for the children it is not your home wow challenge. Please let the children do 90% of the work. 



Miss Bryant

Tena Koe | Maori Hello Song with Lyrics | Children Love to Sing

Home Wow Challenge
Please listen to the song and practice at home. We are singing this song at Stay and Play.

Maori Hello Song - Tena Koe, Tena Korua, Tena Koutou, Haere Mai! Sing and read along to this fun kids Maori song. Great for school, class rooms, teachers, kindergarten, preschool, early childhood, toddlers and at home.

30th January

Big Me Day On Friday


To celebrate the end of Economic Week we would like to ask all children to think about what they would like to be in the future. They can dress up as this job role on Friday the 2nd. This is a great opportunity to talk about their future and all the different jobs that are available to them.


From Miss Bryant

Friday 26th January 2018


Hello Parents/ Carers 


From now on the homework will be posted online each Thursday or Friday.

This weeks home work challenge...


In nursery our topic is family. We have been talking about who is in our family and what our parents do for work.


Your Home-Wow challenge is to talk to your Mummy, Daddy or Carer about where your family comes from, your culture, customs and values.


In New Zealand, where I am from we celebrate Waitangi Day. It is a day where we celebrate our Natives and English people coming together.



Friday 2nd February 2018 Economics Dress up Day

Dress up as something you want to be when you grow up!


Friday 9th February 2018 Stay and Play, Nursery last day.


15th January 


Welcome back to Nursery!

My name is Miss Bryant and I am the new teacher in the Nursery. It has been so lovely getting to know all the children.


As you know our new topic in Nursery is Family. This week we have been looking at what our parents do for work. 

It would be fantastic if anyone could bring in some items from their job, eg tools, uniform. 


Our next Stay and Play will be the last Friday before half term, 9th of February. I will send out a reminded next week with the children. Please let me know if you would like to read a book. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

From Miss Bryant

19th December 2017


Dear Parents/Carers and children,


A huge congratulations to the Nursery children; they have made it through their first full term of Nursery and they have all been amazing. An absolute pleasure to teach!


Today I have shown them a photo of their new teacher, Miss Bryant, who will be joining them from the 4th January. I have told the children of their new responsibilities of helping the new teacher to settle by teaching her the songs that we know and by being super helpers. I am sure that they will do a fabulous job and that the transition will be smooth. Of course I have told them that I will pop in with the baby and send them photos once it is here.


A huge thank-you to all of the children for being very understanding when I could no longer get up and down during carpet sessions and join in with the action songs!


Thank-you all for your continued support over the past term and a big thank-you for all of the lovely gifts, vouchers and kind words; they are very much appreciated.


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Have a great break and I hope that Father Christmas brings you everything that you wish for. Don't forget to sprinkle some of the 'Reindeer Sparkle Dust' outside of your home on Christmas Eve. 


Goodbye and take care


From Miss Whittaker 



15th December 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


What a great end we have had to a busy term. I was very proud of the children at the Christmas Sing-Along and on our visit to the Watermans Centre.


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

We had such a good time on our trip and the children were very well behaved. Thank-you very much to the parent volunteers. I hope you had a well deserved cup of tea on your return! Thank-you again.


Today the children have received their Early Essence password. Please check that you can log in, over the weekend so any changes can be resolved on Monday.


Next Tuesday is our last day of Nursery. Please be reminded that Nursery is closed on Wednesday.


A big thank-you for the very generous Mothercare vouchers, they are very much appreciated. The vouchers will come in very handy when I know the gender of the baby!


Have a great weekend

Miss Whittaker

8th December 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


The children have been very busy learning the story 'Jesus' Christmas Party' and some songs to share with you next Tuesday (12th December). They have been learning about the Nativity and we have been talking about the key figures.


We hope to see you at the show next Tuesday (9am/1pm). Please remember your child's Christmas jumper (and your own!). Very sorry but we will have to limit the guests to two per child. The show takes place in the classroom and as you can appreciate we are limited on space. The children need to be in Nursery at the usual time. Please be reminded that the children leave with you after the show.


Next Thursday the children are off to the theatre. All children must be in school by 8.30am and be picked up at 12.00pm. Full school uniform MUST be worn and a warm school jacket.


Have a good weekend


Miss Whittaker

It would be great if your child could wear a Christmas jumper on the day of the 'Christmas Sing-Along' (12th December). Not got a Christmas jumper? Add a little tinsel or decorations to another jumper. It would be great if parents/carers wore their Christmas jumpers too! Children must still wear their school tracksuit bottoms and shoes.

1st December 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been starting to prepare for Christmas. The children have been very excited today, telling me about opening their Advent calendar. We have started to learn a version of the Christmas story and we will retell this to you on the 12th December at our 'Christmas Sing-Along'.


Please be reminded that the Nursery have been invited to perform on stage at the Christmas Fair, tomorrow (2nd December). They need to be at the stage for 12.55pm and are due to perform at 1.00pm. The children have been practicing three songs and they have been amazing. I look forward to hearing all about it on Monday, as mentioned previously Miss Mullins will be there to help the children onto the stage. I am unable to attend as I will be watching my daughter perform at her Christmas Fair.


On Tuesday 12th December you are invited to join us for a 'Christmas Sing-Along'. The morning Nursery will start singing at 9.00am with afternoon Nursery starting at 1.00pm. The children need to be in school at usual drop off times. Please note that the children will leave with you at the end of the show.


Over the past two years we have done a 'Secret Santa' and today your child has brought home a letter with the name of the child that they can buy a present for. We will have a special visitor giving out the presents on the day. If you do not wish to be involved in this please let me know as soon as possible so that something else can be arranged for the child that as been allocated to you. The 'Secret Santa' letter has been sent home instead of the 'Home-Wow' book, this week.


Earlier this week I put up a list of parent helpers for our trip to the 'Waterman's Centre', on 14th December. Please let me know if you are no longer able to attend. A copy of this list can be seen below. ALL children need to be in school for 8.30am and collected at 12.00pm (but we are relying on public transport so this maybe be a little later). Please remind your childminders/grown-ups that collect your child of these changes.


Please be reminded that we have our second 'Stay and Play' next Friday (8th December). Please join us at 10.15am (for the morning session) and 2.15pm (for the afternoon session). We look forward to seeing you in the classroom.


Have a great weekend and I hope that the children have fun at the Christmas Fair.


Miss Whittaker


27th November 2017


Thank-you so much to the parents that volunteered to help on the trip to the Watermans Centre. Unfortunately, I cannot take you all with us and I will keep a list for future trips.


The following children’s parents will be helping on Thursday 14th December. Please be at school for 9.20am (more information will follow closer to the time of the trip) and please bring an oyster card.


AM Nursery

PM Nursery






Amelia Niemyjska






Please let me know if you are no longer able to help.



Miss Whittaker


24th November 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have continued to share the small theme of 'Sticks'. We have read a little bit more of the story 'Stanley's Stick' discussing what Stanley is doing in some of the illustrations and we started to share the story 'Stickman'. The endings of both of these books have not been revealed as we have been left wondering 'What will happen next?' What is Stanley going to do with his stick as he stands on the beach next to the sea? And what will happen to Stickman (who has just been part of a snowman)?




We looked at the families in 'Stickman', 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Stanley's Stick' and we compared them to our own. Do you have a big brother or sister or are they younger than you? Who lives with you in your home? How many children live in your house? We talked about belonging to a family and that our families are different. The children have drawn a picture of their family and we are going to display them in a big family tree. We then started to look at belonging to God's family and we shared our Baptism photos and talked about that special day. The children made Baptism Biscuits, with Ms Youshie and they decorated them with a cross.


This week the children have been busy practising some singing, for the Christmas Fair. They will sing three songs 'Twinkle, twinkle little star', 'Incy Wincy spider climbed up the Christmas tree ' and 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney'. We will continue to learn these next week. I have added the lyrics to the Home Learning so that the children can sing with you at home.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

17th November 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have continued with our reading of the Enormous Turnip. We have read a variety of versions of the story and the children have been joining in with the pulling action! The children have made 'Turnip and Carrot Soup' with Ms Youshie and this was met with mixed reactions (It was very yummy!).


We have started to introduce a book called 'Stanley's Stick' and we will carry on with this over the next week. The children have been encouraged to talk about an illustration, without the words being read. We discussed what was happening in the picture, where they thought Stanley was and we wondered what he may be doing with the stick. Please talk about illustrations at home, it creates a good discussion.


Please continue to reinforce personal hygiene at home and the practice of putting on their own coat.


Next week we will be talking about 'Belonging' not only to our family but to God's family. Please talk to your child about their Baptism, over the weekend and add photos to their Home-Wow book. We will be using these photos and the information that you give them in Nursery, next week.


I have been informed that the Nursery will be performing on stage this year at the Christmas Fair, on Saturday 2nd December. The children will be on stage at 1pm and they need to be there 5 minutes earlier (if possible). The children will sing a couple of songs that they will practice in class but I will send the words home next week. Unfortunately, I will not be there at the allocated time as I will be watching my daughter perform at her Christmas Fair but I am sure I will hear good things about Nursery from Miss Mullins (Reception Teacher) who will be there.


Please check that you have paid for the school trip. We still have outstanding balances and yet on the slips we have been informed that the trip has been paid for. I have sent out a new letter for the children with an outstanding balance. Thank-you. The children had their school photos this week; individual and class. You have received the individual order form and I have been informed that the class order form will go out next week.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

10th November 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you for attending todays 'Stay and Play'. I know the children would have loved having their grown-up at Nursery. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things that you might like to see during the sessions.


Over the last two weeks we have been very busy learning about fireworks, singing firework songs and making firework pictures using a salad spinner. The children had fun doing this and they were wowed by the results. We have some beautiful firework pictures hung up in the classroom. The children have been busy retelling the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and we have added sound effects using lollypop sticks to make the sounds. This week we went on an Autumnal Walk in the playground. The children were encouraged to talk about what has happened to the trees. Have the leaves changed? How? Please continue to talk about this at home. We have shared the story 'Meg's Veg' and we have read the 'Enormous Turnip'.  We have set up a pumpkin shop in the classroom and we have been singing 'Five pumpkins in a Vegetable Shop'.


Please complete and return the trip slips as soon as possible. I need the slips for authorisation of your child attending. This is a good outing and all of the children are expected to attend.


Apologies for the confusion over the 'Jungle Bungle' letter that was sent out earlier in the week. This is only applicable to children from Reception-Year six.


The children can wear blue on Monday (Blue Monday) as part of anti-bullying week. A donation of £1 is requested. We have class photos on Tuesday so full uniform is required (as expected everyday). Children must only have ear studs  when at Nursery. This is for health and safety reasons. Now that the weather is changing it is important that your child has a suitable coat, in school, everyday. The children choose to play inside or out and they are told to put their coat on if they go to play outside.


Please be reminded of our school policy regarding sickness. If your child is vomiting or they have diarrhoea they MUST NOT attend school for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. Please continue to reinforce what is being taught in Nursery about washing hands after going to the toilet or before eating and drinking. We have also been talking about catching our coughs and our sneezes (not coughing/sneezing over the person sat next to them!) and then washing our hands after.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please be reminded that there is a 'Stay and Play' this Friday (10th November 2017). This is a great opportunity for you to see what your child likes to do when they are a Nursery. Please note that this is not a time for discussing your child's progress. It is a time for you to play and have fun, with your child, a time to share your child's learning.


The Nursery Gate will be opened to let you in at 10.15am/2.15pm. Any late arrivals must go through the office. Siblings are welcome but they are the responsibility of the parents/carers. Phones must also be switched off whilst you are at Nursery.


We hope to see you on Friday,


Miss Whittaker

20th October 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been busy learning about Diwali. The children made Mango Lassi, with Miss Youshie and they have had the opportunity to complete some activities in the classroom, related to this festival. During Collective Worship we lit some candles, talked a little about celebrations and we sang a Diwali song. 


We have continued with reading the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', using finger puppets and we have introduced the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. It is such a good story and the children have enjoyed it when the puppets and props have been used to tell it.


I have been asked to post this message. Please sign up to help. The MCCA are a great support to the school and it would be fabulous to have the Nursery represented. It doesn't have to be one person a small group of you could share the role!


We still do not have Class Representatives for Nursery AM or PM!
The class rep is the communication channel between the Mount Carmel Community Association committee and the class. We usually ask that two people take on the role per class to help and support each other. The job is not a difficult one: it includes passing on e-mails to your class, setting up rotas for the different events and organising class drinks, which is rather nice! In fact, it is a great way to get to know the parents and carers in your class. Both working parents and full-time parents have done the job. Please do consider the role or speaking to someone else about sharing the role. You will be supported by the very able class rep coordinator Andrea and the MCCA committee. If you have any questions at all, please do contact either Andrea or Thank you!


Have a fabulous half term


Miss Whittaker

13th October 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


The children have had a short but busy week! This week we have continued to read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have read a variety of books that each have a different ending. Ask your child to tell you all about them. Maybe they could think of a completely different ending or maybe they could make up their own version of the story for example 'Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs'!


We have been continuing to sing and learn Nursery rhymes, these are so important for language and reading development. Please sing with your child at home. Examples of Nursery rhymes include Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy, The Grand Old Duke of name a few. The children have been singing lots of action songs and we have particularly enjoyed dancing to 'Superman'.


The children have also been encouraged to show me the correct number of fingers for a given number. We have used number rhymes to reinforce this. This could be reinforced further at home.


Earlier this week we went on an adventure into the big playground. We went on a Tree Hunt. The aim was to look at the size of trees and to see if the leaves on each tree were different. We will go on another tree hunt in a few weeks to see if any other changes have occurred to the trees.


The children are being encouraged to wear their coats now that the weather is changing. Please continue to develop your child's independence so that they can put on their own coat.


A huge thank-you for all of the donations that we have received. They are greatly appreciated!


Have a great weekend




Miss Whittaker





6th October 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


The children have had a fabulous start to the year. We have now introduced the three carpet sessions and the children have gained an awareness of our daily routine. They have coped very well with transitions, from one activity to the other and they are starting to become more independent, within the setting. The children have been reading a variety of bear books including 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we have played a variety of listening games during our carpet sessions.


Your child has received their Home Wow book for the first time today. There is a note inside the book that explains a little more about home learning as well as where the home learning challenge can be found. Please encourage your child to look after the book and the challenges must be completed by the children with adults scribing the child's comments. 


Please be reminded that your child MUST have a water bottle in school, daily. We have snack that is set up in the outdoor area and this consists of a piece of fruit/vegetable and milk. The children are encouraged to access this, independently and they are encouraged to clear items to the bin, once finished. Please continue to reinforce Personal Hygiene at home. Namely, washing hands, especially after using the toilet and the blowing of noses. We are currently reinforcing putting used tissues into the bin! Children are encouraged to be independent in toileting.


We access the outdoor area in ALL weathers. The children need warm jackets as the cold weather draws in. It would be great if you could reinforce with your child the putting on of their own jacket. I have noticed that some of the children have hooped earrings. Please, they must only have studs, for safety reasons.


Yesterday your child received a Mount Carmel Reception application form. Please return this to the office. You still MUST apply online via by 15th January 2018. It is important to go through this system regardless of what schools you are applying for.


Please remember to read the school newsletter, weekly and to check for dates. Next Thursday we have  Parent Consultations, all day. Nursery is closed on this day. Please book yourself a time to see me. You should have received information from the office regarding how to do this.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

Y5 will lead the Stations of the Cross in the Church on Friday evening at 6pm. All welcome! #Encourage, Challenge and Support.#