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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

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'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'
'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'


Welcome to GREEN TEAM

Our Class Teacher is: Miss Bryant

     Our Nursery Nurses are: Mrs. Baxter, Ms Youshie, Miss Kopec and Mrs. Field






Welcome to the Nursery web page. 


On this page you will find information about what the children have been learning and ideas for supporting their learning at home.


This page will be updated EVERY Friday. 

Everyday we say two prayers and you can continue learning these at home.  The children are starting to join in a lot more, especially with the sign of the cross at the start and the end of the prayer. 

Ask them to teach it to you!


The prayer that we say at the start of the session is:


O my God you love me,

You're with me night and day.

I want to love you always,

In all I do and say.

I try to please you Father,

Bless me through the day.




And at the end of the session:


God our Father I come to say,

Thank-you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning,

Send your light.


Dates for the diary



Are you having a clear out? We would welcome any donations of unwanted toys, dress up costumes and arts and crafts materials.

Thank you,

Green Team



9th February 2018 - Stay and Play, and Nursery last day

1st March 2018 - World Book Day, come dressed as your favourite book character.

15th March 2018, Nursery closed for parent teacher interviews.

28th March - Class Party and last day of Nursery.

2nd May - Nursery Liturgy 9am/1pm

25th May - Rainbow Fairy

4th June - Trip to Bocketts Farm




19th May


Good Morning Nursery!


Your home wow challenge - With our celebration on Friday of the Royal Wedding, I would like you to draw a picture or make something you celebrate as a family. Please feel free to get creative by using craft materials. smiley


Important Notice no


On Friday the 25th we are having the Rainbow Fairy in to talk about healthy living. I will send out the slips on Monday.

Please return them by Thursday 24th May.


On the first day back from the half term on Monday 4th of June, we are going to Bocketts Farm for a school trip. I handed out permission slips last week. If you did not receive one please let me know next week. Please return them by Thursday 24th May.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bryant. smiley

15th May


Royal Wedding!


To celebrate the royal wedding we are having a mufti day on Friday the 18th of May.

Please come dressed in either Red, White, and blue. smiley


Miss Bryant

Good Morning smiley


Unfortunately, I am at home ill today so I won't be there to hand out the Wow Books.

The home Wow Challenge this week is to practice your fine motor skills.

It is really important for a good pencil grip that you have strong arms, hands, and fingers.


Here are some examples of activities:

Building with lego, writing, finger painting, playing with playdough, riding a bike or scooter, arts and crafts with cutting, slime play.


Please take or draw a picture of what you have been doing.


Have a lovely weekend, see you all on Monday.

Miss Bryant

30th April


Good morning Nursery


Flowers for May Day Procession


As May is the Month of Mary, we ask the children to make paper flowers which are laid at the feet of Our Lady during the procession. Please make sure all flowers are in school by the morning of Wednesday 2nd May. 


Miss Bryant smiley

Home Wow Challenge

Ave Maria Gratia Plena - Hymn With Lyrics

Sing along anywhere with your Family & Friends...
Please practice the start of the song and the first verse. This is for our Liturgy next week.

16th April


New Topic


This term we are focusing on story books and each week we will look at a new book.

Specifically we will look at questioning, Who, What, When, How and why? Re telling, predictions, tense and roll play.


On Wednesday we are doing specific learning on the Pentecost. The learning will be based around "Good News". If the children have something at home based around sharing good news could they please bring it in Wednesday. This could be a party invitation, a special toy they have received, a ticket or anything where they could share good news about.


It was lovely to see all your happy faces today smiley


Miss Bryant


5th April


Happy Holidays!


Next term on the 2nd of May we will have our class liturgy.

NAM- 9 am

NPM- 1pm


All families are welcome to join us.

The gate will open 5 minutes before we begin, please be prompt. 


See you next term.

Miss Bryant smiley

29th March 2018


Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family.


Home Wow Challenge: Practicing your pencil grip and writing your name. Next term the self register will be tracing over your name.

For children who can already write their name, I would like one sentence about what you have done in the holidays. 

Parents/ Caregivers please support letter formation. 


Happy Easter

God Bless


Miss Bryant smiley



26th March 2018


Good Morning Nursery


Only three more days until the holidays! With Easter this weekend and lent coming to an end we are celebrating as a class.

On Wednesday we will have a class party with food. Please bring in one item of food to share with the class. 

Note: We are a health conscious school and like to provide healthy choices. Also we have children with allergies so no food containing nuts. If your child has other food allergies please bring some food for them. 


Thank you for a lovely term


Miss Bryant smiley

16th March 2018


Hello Parentssmiley

It was lovely to see you all yesterday.


Currently we are working on shapes and colours.

This week the Home Wow Challenge is to drawn all the shapes you know and to colour them in. 

Parents and carers please write down the answers for the shapes and colours the children tell you. 


Have a lovely weekend.

From Miss Bryant smiley

9th March 2018


Good Morning Nursery!

Just a few reminders:

If you are bringing something into the Nursery to celebrate your child's birthday please may it be a healthy snack. We would prefer a small gift instead of food. 

Thank you 


Home Wow Challenge this week:

We are starting our new topic of Lent and the Catholic Faith. This week we are looking at special food you would share at celebrations or special gatherings with family and friends. Please draw a picture of the food and write a few sentences about the special gathering.

We would love the children to bring in any Catholic toys or activities they have at home.


Have a lovely weekend smiley

Miss Bryant


28th February 2018


Tomorrow is World Book Day please come dressed up as your favourite book character.


Parents please make sure your child’s outfit is weather appropriate.


Miss Bryantsmiley


23rd February

Welcome back Nursery!


I have heard all about the wonderful holidays the children had, it is so lovely to see you back. 


Home Wow Challenge  23/2/2018

Next week is world book week and on Thursday the 1st of March please come dressed up as your favourite book character.

This week for home wow please choose your favourite book and draw a picture from it. 


Parents and child minders please only write two or three sentences about the picture, as lovely as it is writing paragraphs and drawing for the children it is not your home wow challenge. Please let the children do 90% of the work. 



Miss Bryant

Tena Koe | Maori Hello Song with Lyrics | Children Love to Sing

Home Wow Challenge
Please listen to the song and practice at home. We are singing this song at Stay and Play.

Maori Hello Song - Tena Koe, Tena Korua, Tena Koutou, Haere Mai! Sing and read along to this fun kids Maori song. Great for school, class rooms, teachers, kindergarten, preschool, early childhood, toddlers and at home.

30th January

Big Me Day On Friday


To celebrate the end of Economic Week we would like to ask all children to think about what they would like to be in the future. They can dress up as this job role on Friday the 2nd. This is a great opportunity to talk about their future and all the different jobs that are available to them.


From Miss Bryant

Friday 26th January 2018


Hello Parents/ Carers 


From now on the homework will be posted online each Thursday or Friday.

This weeks home work challenge...


In nursery our topic is family. We have been talking about who is in our family and what our parents do for work.


Your Home-Wow challenge is to talk to your Mummy, Daddy or Carer about where your family comes from, your culture, customs and values.


In New Zealand, where I am from we celebrate Waitangi Day. It is a day where we celebrate our Natives and English people coming together.



Friday 2nd February 2018 Economics Dress up Day

Dress up as something you want to be when you grow up!


Friday 9th February 2018 Stay and Play, Nursery last day.


15th January 


Welcome back to Nursery!

My name is Miss Bryant and I am the new teacher in the Nursery. It has been so lovely getting to know all the children.


As you know our new topic in Nursery is Family. This week we have been looking at what our parents do for work. 

It would be fantastic if anyone could bring in some items from their job, eg tools, uniform. 


Our next Stay and Play will be the last Friday before half term, 9th of February. I will send out a reminded next week with the children. Please let me know if you would like to read a book. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

From Miss Bryant

#Encourage, Challenge and Support.#