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Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Expectations for the Year

Year 6 is an important year and we expect all pupils to be positive role models for the other children in the school who are still learning how to behave in school. Here is a list of what we expect of our year 6 pupils:

  • We expect all children to come into school with a positive attitude to learning and a willingness to try their best
  • We expect children to show kindness to each other and treat all members of the school community with respect
  •  We expect children to listen to teachers and other members of staff and follow their instructions carefully
  • We expect all children to present neat work and write using cursive handwriting for all of their lessons-even if they find it difficult
  • We expect homework to be completed and handed in on Friday for correction
  • We expect children to complete their tasks on time and to give up time during lunch if they have not finished work.