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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

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'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'
'A very warm welcome to Mount Carmel Catholic School's website. At the heart of Mount Carmel is our very strong Catholic Ethos. We aim for every child to leave here as an ambassador of Christ. Working parallel to this is our drive for high standards. Through creating a supportive and nurturing school, children really have a passion for learning. We hope you feel this from looking around our website.'


Welcome to Genesis Class

Our Class Teacher is: Miss Whittaker

     Our Nursery Nurse is Mrs Barber






Welcome to the Nursery web page. 


On this page you will find information about what the children have been learning and ideas for supporting their learning at home.


This page will be updated each Friday. 

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Our Daily Prayers - Please continue, every day

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17th January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope those of you that are off sick feel better soon and your symptoms stay mild. If you are just self-isolating and you have no symptoms you might like to do some of the activities in the Three Billy Goats Gruff document, that you will find below. This is some of the learning that we will be doing in the Nursery, this week. 


We hope to see you soon


Miss Whittaker

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

14th January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been sharing the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have talked about the story, we have used props to retell the story and we have been learning a song called 'When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears'. During PE the children moved like the three bears and three bowls (!).; we thought about being in a space and looking at where we were going. The children did very well at responding to the instructions and carrying out the correct actions. We talked about words that rhyme with bear and  told them a story using the rhyming words. For example, daddy bear sat on a chair eating a pear that he said he would share with baby bear.


The children made porridge with Mrs Barber and it must have been just right because they ate it all up! What does three look like? Three objects, three children, three actions, three sounds, the numeral three, has been a focus this week. Three bears, three beds, three bowls, three chairs...maybe you could keep practicing this at home; counting out three objects carefully. Think about how the three objects can be separated (two and one, one, one and one, three and zero) with the total still staying the same. 


Over the next couple of weeks we will be thinking about celebrations that take place in a Church, as part of our RE learning. We re-visited  what a celebration is and how we celebrate (with cake, balloons, family, friends, nice clothes, candles, music, singing, games, etc) but next week we will be focusing on Weddings and Baptism. Your child has been asked to bring in a photo of their parents celebrating their wedding day or of another wedding that they have attended. Please talk to your child about this photo as we will be sharing it in class. 


Please continue to encourage washing hands, blowing nose and the catching of coughs and sneezes.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

7th January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


Happy New Year to you all. 


It was lovely to see all of the children back in Nursery, this week. They have been ready to learn and we have settled back into the daily routine. 


This week we have been talking a lot about 'Germs are not for Sharing'. There is a book, with the same title and we are encouraging children to be more independent in remembering to wash their hands and to catch their coughs and sneezes.  Please continue to encourage this at home. We demonstrated to the children how easily germs can be spread from person to person and to the resources that we used. We used glitter (pretending that they were germs) and baby oil to show the children how easily germs can go from one person to another, when we shake hands. We also showed the children that the germs are not easily removed so we had to do extra scrubbing (glitter gets everywhere!).


Yesterday was the Epiphany and the children made cheese star sandwiches and created a star picture. They were told about the long journey that the Kings made, following a star, to find the special newborn King. We looked at some Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh and we used our sense of smell to explore the Frankincense (using an incense burner) and Myrhh (essential oil on cotton wool).


Ask your child to tell you about what has appeared in our Wonder Windows, this week. 


During phonics we have been thinking about objects that begin with the 'b' sound and we have been using bears to make up stories, using this sound. For example, Billy Bear, Bertha Bear and Bonnie Bear went to the shops and bought bread, bananas and beans. They put them into a basket before going home to eat the bananas, beans and bread. Then they went to bed. 


The children were very excited to find that Jack Frost had visited Nursery and left ice in the garden. Lots of ice was brought into the classroom and added to the water tray. This was a great time to talk about what was seen and happening. Maybe you could put some water into the freezer at home and talk about what happens. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

17th December 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


It's Christmas! The children have been so busy Christmas crafting this week, see below for some amazing creations. Let's celebrate this fabulous work. They have all worked so hard this term and deserve a good rest! 


Thank-you so much for the wonderful gifts and for the lovely card that came to our inboxes; they are very much appreciated.


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, have fun, stay safe and we will see you all in the New Year


Best wishes


Miss Whittaker


Just one more thing...I forgot to give out the Home-Wow Books. Really sorry, those bags with your child's creations in took a lot of organising!



Santa's New Beard. Santa shaved his beard off! What could we use to make him a new beard?

A present for our grown-ups at home

We love using glitter and sequins!

10th December 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been very busy preparing for the show; we hope that you enjoyed it. They were little Superstars and children/staff from around the school have commented on how well the children did. In the lead up to the show we have continued to learn about the Nativity and we have talked about all of the people involved. I hope that your child has talked about this with you at home. 


We have talked a lot about 'Germs are not for sharing' and we looked at the book with the same title. So many children are coughing and sneezing and we encouraging them to catch these and to wash their hands more frequently. We will continue to talk about this next week, it is the season for colds.


Next Thursday there are class parties through the school. There is no need for your child to bring food/drink on this day. Your child will be making their own snack to eat, in Nursery. 


Your child has not been given their Home-Wow this week as their learning is to watch the video of the show with you at home. The books will be given out next week. 


Have a great weekend. 


Miss Whittaker



Dear Parents/Carers,


Christmas is well and truly on the way. The Nursery children have been busy making Angels, stars and baubles this week. They look really good and lots of time and attention have been spent on them. The Angels are on display in our classroom, the stars will be up in the hall and the baubles are currently on the drying rack but they will be up on Monday. The children have been very busy learning words and songs for our Christmas Show, next Friday. They are doing really well and we hope that you can join us online. The Nursery children perform in the comfort of the Nursery classroom and this space would be too small under current Covid circumstances. We hope that you wear your Christmas jumper in support!!!


The story of the Nativity has been shared and we have been talking about who appears in the story; we have mainly talked about Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, the Three Kings, baby Jesus and the Innkeeper. The children have been told that the baby Jesus is born in a stable, in Bethlehem. Maybe you could ask your child about what they can recall, so far.


The children have not been given their Home-Wow books as they have the challenge of making a decoration for our tree that hangs on the wall. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker 

26th November 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week has been a little different in the Nursery. Mrs Barber has unfortunately got a bad back and been unable to come to school. The children have had to adapt to having different adults in the classroom, daily and they have been coping well. The children (and I!) have been missing Mrs Barber and we hope that she is back soon.


This week we have been sharing the story Leaf Man and we created our own leaf people using Autumnal objects. The children were encouraged to create their own designs and were only given a little prompting with body parts. They look amazing as you can see from the photos below. The leaf people did blow away so they no longer exist. Talk to your child about their leaf creation. 


The rhyme we have really focused on this week is 'Five Little Apples'. The children are encouraged to join in the words and to show the correct number of fingers every time an apple falls off a tree. We also talked about how many apples are falling on the floor and the change in quantity. We looked at what the numerals from 0-5 look like and we have been using these when doing some careful counting. It's important to encourage your child to assign each object a number when counting otherwise we recount and get the incorrect total at the end. We have encouraged the children to line up objects, if they are able to, before counting them out. 


Next week, we will start with our learning about Christmas and we will be learning songs that we can share with you. 


Towards the end of the week we have started to share the story Stick Man and we have talked about how the weather is getting colder and that we are nearly in Winter. Please ensure that your child has suitable coats for Nursery. We also recommend hat, gloves and scarves. We do go out in all weathers. Please check that your child's clothing is named and that your child has the correct item of clothing when they come home.


Their are many children with cold symptoms in the Nursery, currently. Please encourage your child to be independent in blowing their nose and to put the tissue in the bin after using it. 


Have a good weekend


Miss Whittaker

Our Leaf People using Autumnal objects

19th November 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


It's been a busy week in the Nursery. We have been learning about Autumn and talking about the changes that are happening around us. We went on an Autumn Walk around the school grounds. The leaves are changing colour, leaves are falling off the trees and the weather is getting cooler. The children explored colour mixing and created a Autumn Tree. What colours did we mix to make green? How did we make orange? We shared the story 'We're Going on a Leaf Hunt' and a non-fiction book 'Let's Look at Autumn'. 


We talked about hedgehogs and learnt a few facts. Hedgehogs will soon be going into hibernation because the weather is getting cooler. They will sleep from November until March, that is a long sleep! Did you know that hedgehogs like to eat slugs, worms and beetles? The children used their developing scissor skills to make hedgehog bread with Mrs Barber. 


Thank-you for sharing the Baptism photos with your child. They liked sharing them with the class and we will continue with our learning next week. 


This week we have been singing lots of Nursery rhymes. The children have been encouraged to think about what their favourite rhyme is. What is yours? Maybe you could talk about this with your child. 


We will continue with the Autumn and Baptism themes, next week. Soon we will be starting our Christmas learning!


I have not added a 'Stay and Play' to the calendar for this half term. You will have the opportunity to spend some time with your child, in the classroom, after the Christmas Sing-a-long which takes place on the 10th December. Just so you have time to prepare, Christmas jumpers are a must for children and adults and we are only able to have a maximum of two adults per child. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



12th November 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been learning about the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. The children made potato latkes, with Mrs Barber and they made handprint Menorahs. We shared the clip called 'My First Festivals Hanukkah' which can be found on the cbeebies website, if you wish to share. 


This week we have also been looking at Poppies and thinking about what they mean. We learned a new song and we shared a poem. The children created some beautiful poppy paintings (these can be seen below) and we made a poppy using saltdough.


In the hall we have continued to practice our catching, throwing and batting skills, using a balloon. Maybe you could continue to do this at home. 


Next week we will start our learning about Baptism and we will be thinking about Autumnal changes.


Have a good weekend


Miss Whittaker

5th November 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term. 


This week we have started to think about celebrations. At the start of the week we talked about birthdays and how we celebrated them. The children were encouraged to help Mr Troll to celebrate his birthday when his friends had forgotten all about it. The children made and decorated cupcakes with Miss Haffner and they lit a candle and sang happy birthday to Mr Troll. Some of the children made hats, cards and presents for him. Mr Troll had a great 4th birthday. 


We then went on to talk about Diwali, the festival of lights. The children watched some clips of children celebrating Diwali and they made Diva lamps, using clay. The Diva lamps look terrific. The children used clay tools to make marks and they pressed in sequins that are different shapes. Together we used shapes to make Rangoli patterns and we used a salad spinner to create a firework picture. The children used only red, blue and yellow paint, which they squirted onto paper using a pipette and there was excitement in the room when they discovered orange and green in their firework picture. 


Next week we will learn about another festival of lights, Hanukkah. We will also be talking about 'In November we Remember' and creating poppies. 


This week I noticed that the cloakroom was becoming overcrowded with grown-ups. Please leave your child at the door. If your child does need assistance with their coat help them to take it off before they come in through the door. We are trying to encourage the children to become more independent when taking care of their belongings. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker 

22nd October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have continued our Spider theme and we created Spider Sandwiches. This was a careful counting activity and the children were encouraged to count out 8 legs. They could choose from celery, cheese and carrots. We only created a spider with 2 eyes, using raisins.  After making them they were able to eat them.


During tidy up time on Monday one of the children found a spiders web inside a building block. This was not an ordinary web, it was filled with eggs. We were hoping that we would have had some spiderlings but this has not happened, so far. Currently, the web and block are inside our Wonder Windows but I might just put them outside, for the holidays. 


We have talked about who is 3 and who is 4 and we drew a picture of ourselves to put on the board. We really focused on the body parts that God has made for us. God gave us a beautiful head, with a beautiful face and on that beautiful face we have two eyes, a nose a mouth etc. When drawing the picture of ourselves we talked about the different body features and what they can do. Our eyes help us to see, our legs help us to walk etc. 


We revisited the story of Creation. We talked about the world that God has created for us and how he made us to live in it. This will be continued next half term. 


'Hands are not for Hitting' is a book that we have shared. We talked about all the good things that we can do with our hands. Focus on the positive.


This week I sat with small groups of children and shared the story of 'Incy Wincy Spider'.  This is about the Incy Wincy who lives on a farm. We talked about the animals, that Incy Wincy visited and maybe what Incy Wincy was feeling like when he was blown around. When I share a story I name the front cover, back cover and explain to the children that I am going to read the words, this helps me to tell the story. 


I wish you all a very happy and safe half term.


Miss Whittaker

15th October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you for attending the 'Stay and Play', yesterday. The children were very excited to see you and I can assure you that it is normally a lot calmer during our everyday Nursery (apart from when singing and dancing!) The children really like seeing you in their learning environment and it helps to give you a taste of Nursery life. We will hold another 'Stay and Play', next half term.


Thank-you so much for the many donations that we have received. They are very much appreciated and I can assure you that the money gets spent wisely. 


Next Thursday we will be having Parent Consultations. On this day your child MUST be collected at 1.15pm. Please be prompt. 


This week we have been talking about how God knows our name and that God loves us very much. We shared a story from the bible 'Let the children come to me' and we looked at some pictures of Jesus with children. We talked about how each and everyone of us is beautiful and special in the eyes of Jesus. The children were also introduced to a story named 'Mixed'. This is a great one for talking with younger children about our diverse society. We talked about our families and how are families are similar or different. The children were encouraged to draw a picture of their family.


On Thursday the children made some playdough that they brought home. Please practice squeezing and balling the dough. Playdough is really good for developing fine motor muscles. 


We have continued to develop our cutting skills. The children have access to scissors in the setting, along with different tools that can be used with paper. Please continue to develop scissor use at home. You can even use scissors with the playdough your child brought home. 


We have continued with the spider theme, sharing rhymes and stories. We changed the words to 'One elephant went out to play' and we are encouraging the children to show the correct number of fingers for quantities 1-5. Please continue with this learning at home.


Apologies, today I forgot to give your child a slip that will allow you to see your child's school photo, online. I will give these out on Monday. Please check this online. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



8th October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been continuing our learning about Spiders and the world that God created. The children have worked really hard to make their own spider and we focused on their use of scissors, as they cut their spider legs to the size they wanted. We also introduced the use of a glue spatula (spreader) and talked about wiping off the excess glue before taking it from the pot (we did the same with paint brushes). It would be great if you could continue using child friendly scissors at home, making snips into paper or cutting around simple shapes. 


We are continuing to sing nursery rhymes and we are sharing the non-fiction spider book. Did you know that some spiders can walk on water?


What do you like about the world that God created was a question that we asked the children this week. Maybe you could ask your child this question at home. 


This week we did a Wow shout out for last weeks Home-Wow work. What wonderful work. Well done to grown-ups for writing down what your child said whilst drawing. It really helps when we are sharing the work. 


Just a reminder that

-Book Bag Bundles are given out each Monday and we ask them to be returned on the Thursday of the same week

-Home-Wow books are given out on Friday and we expect them to be returned by the following Tuesday.

-Only stud earrings are to be worn in school. 

-Next week there is an Early Essence meeting (this is our online tool for sharing your child's learning, through videos and photos) on Wednesday, in the school hall at 

-We have our first Stay and Play on Thursday 14th October, from 2.15pm. We will open the Early Years gate at this time. 'Stay and Play' is an opportunity for you to come into Nursery to share your child's learning experiences and to let them show you what they like to do. This is not a time to discuss your child's progress. You are welcome to bring younger siblings but they will be your responsibility. Please, if you know that you will not make 'Stay and Play' tell your child in advance and us. This will help them to adjust if they know that you are not coming. 


Today your child has brought home two letters. One is regarding applying for a Primary School place (this is so important. Your child does not yet have a Reception place) and the other is regarding a voluntary contribution.


Have a happy weekend


Miss Whittaker


1st October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


We did it. We made it through the first full time week in Nursery and the children did so well. Today we even ventured up to the hall for a short PE session and they attended their first music session with Mrs Coleman. 


This week we have been learning the rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider' and the children have been introduced to a book with the characters, 'Itchy Nitchy Spider', 'Tutti Frutti Spider', 'Hippy Hoppy Spider' to name a few. All climbing up different parts of a house and experiencing different weathers. Ask your child what they remember from this book. We will continue to share it next week.


We have shared a non-fiction book about Spiders, to find out a little more. Did you know that spiders have pale blue blood and that they have little claws on the end of their legs. The children have been encouraged to go on a spider hunt, this weekend. It is Spider Season so there should be plenty around. 


As part of our number learning we shared the rhyme 'One elephant went out to play...' and we talked about how many elephants were on a web, each time we added one more. 


The children have started to learn the story of creation. This week we have focused on what God created on the first 4 days. Maybe you could continue to talk about this at home. The children were asked to close their eyes, to think about what they could see and to imagine a world with nothing! 


We have continued to reinforce 'Whole Body Listening' during carpet times  and we are still encouraging the  children to tidy up after themselves. 


Please remember to bring a coat in every day and help your child to develop their independence when putting their own coat on. 


The children will be having their individual class photo, on Monday at 9am. Please ensure that your child is wearing full school uniform. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker


24th September 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to the Nursery page and give your child a big pat on the back for starting their settling time in the Nursery. 


We have had a very busy week, all of the children are now staying for lunch and they are adjusting well to the transition time. 


You may find that your child is unsettled coming back into Nursery after the weekend but this is normal. Your child will start to realise that Nursery is going to be a more permanent routine in their life and they will adjust in their own time. 


This week we have focused on developing your child's listening skills. We have talked to them about whole body listening and the expectations that we have at carpet times, we will continue to reinforce this over the coming weeks. At home this can be supported through sharing stories, talking about books, giving your child easy  instructions to follow and by playing simple games, for example 'I Spy'. 


Please continue to reinforce personal hygiene, at home. We have a lots of children with runny noses and we are encouraging the children to use tissues and then to put the tissues into the bin (not back into the tissue box or on the floor). Handwashing is so important, please continue to encourage your child to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating. 


Thank-you for attending last nights meeting. I have attached the presentation below and today your child has been given their Dojo Login detail. Please make a note of the date 13th October at 2.30pm. Miss Demiray will be leading a workshop on how to use Early Essence. 


I am proposing the date Thursday 14th October at 2.15pm for our first 'Stay and Play'. This is a chance for you to come and join your child in the Nursery and to play with them. I will let you know more nearer the time. 


Book Bag Bundles will be distributed from next  Monday and every Monday thereafter. Please return on the Thursday of the same week. 


We will give out Home-Wow Books from next Friday. We expect these to be returned on the Tuesday of the following week. 


Sorry, lots of information but it will become clearer as the weeks progress.


Best wishes


Miss Whittaker


Harvest Food Collection
Next week is Harvest Week, so, like we did last year, we will be collecting again for Ealing Food Bank. Our Mount Carmel families have been so unbelievably generous each time we collect, and with the pandemic still affecting families across the borough plus huge hikes in energy bills, now more than ever our local community will need our support this autumn.  If you are able to, please send in one item from the list below with your child next week - each class will have their own collection and the collection will be running all week. I will then take the collections to the food bank next Friday after 6W's Harvest Liturgy. If any parents are available to help me deliver the boxes to the food bank at St Mellitus Hall, 1 Church Rd, Hanwell, London W7 3BB for 10am next Friday, I would greatly appreciate it. Please drop me a line through the school office to let me know if you can help.

Please note, the food bank has got plenty of baked beans, meat, soup and fruit so please do not bring in these items.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Hunt

Deputy & RE Lead

24th September 2021


Letter from Louise, our Therapeutic Lead from Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership


Helping with transitions

Children need our help to make the transition from one activity to another. Just like when we are engrossed on the computer screen or another activity, we find it hard to pull ourselves away to tend to a whining child. Children experience our repeated nagging in the same way we experience their whining: meaning they try to tune it out.


How can parents help?

Give one warning before they need to change activities. Then when you go back in five minutes:

· Connect with your child by commenting on the activity they are engaged in for example: "Wow, look at those trains go!"

· Remind them of your deal: "Ok, Nico, it's been five minutes. Remember our deal? Five minutes and no fuss. It's bath time now."

Then, create a bridge from their play to what you're asking: "Do you want the two engines to leap off the track and race all the way to the bathroom? Here, I'll take this one and you take that one; Let's zoom!"

Sometimes we could all do with someone to talk to. If you would like to meet Louise for a confidential and non-judgemental chat about you, your child, or any other worries, she is available on Fridays 9-10am. You can call/text Louise on 07582310756 or email her at

Please check read the letter below to see how you will access your child's learning during self-isolation (hopefully we won't need it!).

What to expect, when?

Reception Application deadline for September 2022-23 entry will be Friday 14th January 2022 at 4pm-Contact the school office for more information...Our aim is that every child leaves here an Ambassador of Christ; a person who will make a powerful, positive change in the world. #Encourage, Challenge and Support.#