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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Our Writing Journey

Curriculum Skills and Progression Map

By creating a two week timetable we have slowed down the teaching of Writing. Rather than producing rushed genre after rushed genre, we have slowed the process down to ensure that each child can enjoy and keep their passion for writing.


From the two week timetable the children start off with a cold write. This is when they are given a genre to write with no input. From that piece, the teacher assesses where the child needs to go to ensure success. As a class, they will plan a clear Success Criteria so every child knows how to succeed. From that they will show the children a WAGOLL (What a good one looks like). They will then be taught the correct grammar skills that will help them succeed with the genre. Then the teacher will link that learning to the Power of Reading Scheme, so the children can see the purpose of their writing. After two weeks of teaching, the children have the opportunity to show how much they have learnt in the hot write. This process lets each teacher really focus on the need of every child.


Our writing journey starts within the first week of when any child starts at Mount Carmel. Each child is assessed to see where their level are at. Then we start with improving and continually uplevelling their work.

We focus strongly on Handwriting. where we follow the Nelson Handwriting Scheme.


By the time they leave Y2, we aim for every child to be confidently joining their letters. An example is below:-