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Mount Carmel

Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Green School Award

We have embarked on the ‘Green School Award’ process, to develop pupils’ awareness of how their transformational actions support their community.

Gardening Club

We have set up a gardening club, utilising the support of pupils, staff and parent volunteers, to grow our own vegetables, herbs and wild flowers. 

We entered the 'Cultivating Ealing' competition in June 23 and received the following:

"The judges really enjoyed their visit to the school garden and we are delighted to award Mount Carmel School Highly Commended School Garden".

(Certificate to follow)

STAR award

Our school council have been working hard on getting our sustainable travel award. They have so far done a walk to school day, the big walk and wheel, a hands up survey, a summer active challenge, an air quality competition and clean air day to promote green strategies in our school and local community.