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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

17th May 2021

Friday 21st May

Well, the torrential weather that was supposed to hit today has thankfully not arrived, though we’re just being blown everywhere. There were quite a few relieved faces when the Sensory Trail mud-fest was dry! Archery was great fun and we’re just waiting for our lunch before setting off on the ferry. I’m so glad we managed to have a Covid-free week of fun with some great memories to round off their MC years. The children have had a fantastic time, as have the staff. Now for that lovely hot bath and staring vacantly at the tv this evening! 

Thursday 20th May

So, last night, the children LOVED the Ambush game, as did I, as my team and I found the best hiding place and managed to out-fox the other team. Competitive?...Never! This morning was very comical - it was like waking the dead going round knocking on all the cabin doors. And then to our penultimate day of activities with the weather definitely turning, though nothing has dampened the children's spirits. Everywhere you looked, there were children climbing, up Jacob's Ladder, shimmying up the vertical challenge and squeezing through tyres on the Challenge Course. We've just had our last trip to the tuck shop to really make sure those visits to the hygienist are not wasted, and I can hear the children singing round the camp fire as I furiously type away. Last night and a cabin inspection before bed - some of these cabins have had my eye twitching. I suppose clothes all over the floor is quite a good way to ensure you can always find what you need....!? Will message our last day of activities tomorrow - Sensory Trail - revenge is sweet....

Wednesday 19th May

Well, we're over the hump day and having a great time. Last night, the children all tore around the grounds playing Passport to the World, finding flags and answering general knowledge questions, pretending to be aeroplanes as they sped off, nicely pumped up full of sugar after their trip to the tuckshop! Thankfully, everyone said they had a better night's sleep last night after the initial novelty of cabin life had worn off a bit and tiredness won. Today we've been sliding down zip wires, racing around the ground doing orienteering, problem solving and throwing ourselves off platforms high off the ground with the trapeze. AND also experiencing a flash rain and hail storm of epic proportions - thankfully we all got to dash back to our cabins to stare at it from inside - before the sun was cracking the flags again 10 minutes later. 4 seasons in one day! The children are so excited about Ambush tonight so I'm sure we'll be seeing some 'walking bush' outfits and warpaint coming out in preparation. Catch up tomorrow for our penultimate day of fun.

Tuesday 18th May

Well, after our first night on the Isle of Wight, there were a few tired little faces this morning - I'm not sure how much sleeping happened last night with all the excitement - but with the sun shining and the lovely sea air, the children have had a really fun-packed day. We've had Giant Swing (lots of screams and cheering!), a lovely beach walk (who'd have thought our teachers could be replicated so well in the medium of sand and seaweed!), buggy building (I can definitely see who our budding engineers are!) and abseiling, so many of the children overcame their fears whilst others showed what fearless individuals they already are. Here are a selection of pics to show you what we've been up to - I'll add some more later. Looking forward to another fun activity this evening - Passport around the World - followed by an early, hang on, I've just realised, we have the tuck shop this evening....!

Monday 17th May

Apologies for the delay on this evening's update. We have arrived safely. The children had such a great journey. They LOVED the ferry crossing, despite having to wear fluorescent jackets! The excitement levels took a step up when they saw their cabins. This evening's activity was an amazingly funny start to this week's memories with 'whacky races'. We sat on the side laughing our heads off at children racing like pregnant chickens, and running slow with fast arms. We had a few small issues with hot water but the PGL staff have been brilliant so all sorted now. Everyone is now tucked up in bed and ready for a new day of fun and laughter. We'll keep you updated tomorrow. 

Please see all relevant documents and the presentation for the session at 9.30am on Monday 26th April. At the end of the presentation, I have saved the link to the PGL parent guidance, but if you have any further questions, you can email them to me ahead of the presentation, via the school office, so that I can incorporate answers into my presentation.


We will require you to fill out your SV7 medical form (ALL parent to fill in) and medical consent form (only for children who receive medication), and return them to school by Friday 23rd April, so that we can start collating the information.  Please send in any medication needed for the trip with the consent form.  Paracetamol/ ibuprofen will be provided by the school. If any children suffer from travel sickness, please let us know for seating arrangements and notify us if medication needs to be administered ahead of travelling. If you have any queries regarding medical issues, please contact Mrs Coll via the school office. Please ensure ALL medication is in school ahead of the day of departure – Monday 17th May.