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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Our Week in Nursery

Dates for the Diary


21st February 2023- Nursery visit to Church. Leaving at 9am





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Start primary school in September 2023

Children born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019 are due to start the first year of primary school (reception class) in September 2023.

Children currently in year 2 at an infant school are due to transfer to junior school in September 2023.

You must apply directly to the council that you are living in at the time of application, regardless of the borough which the school is in. The deadline for applying for primary school is 15 January 2023. Applications received after this date are late and will not be considered until after national offer day.

The national offer day for on time applicants is 17 April 2023. If you apply online you will receive an email in the evening on 17 April confirming the school that has been offered.


Start primary school in September 2023 | Apply for a primary school place | Ealing Council



Please note that your child's Nursery space does not guarantee a space in the Reception class at Mount Carmel

27th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been busy making, singing, dancing and eating. The children all went to 'Mrs Barber's Chinese Restaurant' to sample noodle stir fry and vegetable spring rolls. They had a choice of Soy sauce and Sweet Chilli dip and there were a few funny faces pulled at sampling these. The children had the option of using chopsticks and they gave it a good go.


We made lanterns to decorate our classroom and some of the children have been busy making dragons. We shared the story 'The Great Race' and we watched some clips from cbeebies 'Lets Celebrate' series. I have included a youtube clip on the 'Home Learning' page, of the story 'The Great Race'. There are different versions and we all liked this one as it included the cat! 


Did you know that it is the year of the Rabbit? We did a little research to find out some facts about rabbits. Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a Kit, a girl rabbit is a Doe and a boy rabbit is a Buck? Did you know that a rabbit's teeth never stop growing or that their ears are long? 


We also looked at photos of the Great Wall of China and we looked at the map to see where China is.


As part of our RE learning we shared a story about the 'Presentation of Jesus at the Temple'. He was six weeks old and Mary and Joseph took him, after yet another long journey, so that they could say thank-you to God. When at the Temple they met Simeon and Anna who were very pleased to meet this special baby, a gift from God. The children were very focussed on Anna and Simeon being very old (even older than Mrs Barber).


This week I contacted Father Jim to arrange a Nursery visit to the Church. We will be going on Tuesday 21st February (Shrove Tuesday) and all children are expected to attend. The children are to be dropped off at the usual time and we will start our long journey at 9am. We will need parent volunteers to help us to get to/from the Church. I will send out a letter next week and on this you will be able to let us know if you can help out. 


I am aware that some of you received the same Book Bag Bundles, this last week. I have lost the list that I usually write allocated numbers onto. It is somewhere in the classroom or it could be that the children have been very efficient with their recycling...meaning a new list will be required.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



20th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been sharing the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children have been encouraged to join in with the retelling of the story and to think about what a troll might look like. We have retold the story using props and they were told an alternative ending. What would happen if the troll didn't get pushed into the river?


The children have been challenged to make bridges so that the goats could get across the river carefully and we have been continuing with our careful counting. 


We have been thinking about words that rhyme with goat and we have also been making a list of words that begin with the sound 't'. 


Thank-you for sharing your wedding and Baptism photos. The children were showing each other these during a carpet session. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

13th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been sharing the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have focused on what is seen and happening in the illustrations and we have been encouraging the children to join in with the story telling. The children have been making porridge, it was just right and was gobbled up. We looked carefully at the instructions when making the porridge. During our story learning we have been thinking about the number three and how there are 3 bears, 3 bowls, 3 chairs and 3 beds. We have been learning  a 'Three Bears Rap' and the song 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears' 


The children have been thinking about words that begin with the sound 'b'. We are encouraging the children to listen carefully to the first sound that they hear in a word. 


The children have been starting to think about celebrations that take place in a Church. Mrs Barber shared her wedding photo and they were encouraged to think about what they could see.


We still have some Book Bag Bundles that have not been returned since before the holidays. Please be reminded that Book Bag Bundles are given out on a Monday and should be returned on the Thursday of the same week. Home Wow Books are given out on Friday and should be returned on Tuesday. 


We are currently experiencing a shortage of spare clothes. If your child happens to have any of Nursery's socks, pants or trousers please return them. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

6th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all. 


I hope that the start of the year finds you all well. The children have come back as though they have never been away and they have settled back into our routine. 


Over the last few days, in this short week, we have recapped on our learning about 'The Colour Monster'. Talking about how the monster is feeling in each picture and we have related this to ourselves. The children are asked daily to think about how they are feeling and why they may be feeling that way. It's important that we talk about our feelings/emotions from an early age so that children can express themselves through words. As part of this learning we have also been learning about colour mixing. 


We have been learning about the journey of the Three Wise Men. We talked about how it would have taken them twelve days to reach the baby Jesus. They had a long journey travelling through the desert, over mountains, through valleys and across the sea. We created a story map together and incorporated some colour mixing into this story as well! Have a look at the photos below and talk to your child about them.


The prayer table and Father Jim were changed from purple fabric to white/gold fabric in celebration of Jesus' birth. 


Over the next few weeks our focus will be on learning some traditional tales and we will be doing activities around these. 


Have a lovely weekend


Best wishes


Miss Whittaker

The journey of the Three Wise Men and our Prayer Table

16th December 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thank-you for the lovely gifts, they are very much appreciated. 


We look forward to welcoming you all back in 2023.


Take care and best wishes


Miss Whittaker and Mrs Barber

9th December 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank-you for joining us today, the children put on a fantastic show and I am glad that you could share it with us. The children worked so hard to learn the songs and they made great decorations for the classroom, in preparation.  A big thank-you to Father Christmas for coming to see us. 


This week we have been continuing to learn the Christmas story and we have been thinking about the journey that Mary and Joseph made on the donkey. We talked about it being a hard journey. Across stony, sandy ground, over hills and through valleys. It was not easy. Depending on which way they went the journey may have taken at least 4/5 days. There were no cars, no trains, no planes, no helicopters... We looked at a map of the world to see where we live and where Nazareth and Bethlehem are. They are a long way away!


The children imagined that Mary and Joseph arrived at our Nursery door, on a donkey. They were very hungry. We gave them instructions on how to get to the hall. The donkey had to stay outside! We then made the journey ourselves really thinking about how we get to the hall. 


Next week we will have a little party but there is no need for you to bring food. The children will help us to prepare something.


The children will not be bringing home Book Bag Bundles next week. Please can all bags be returned to school, we are missing a few.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



2nd December 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been learning the Christmas story and we have been busy preparing for our show, next Friday. The children have created a picture of baby Jesus in the manger, they have made a star for the Three Wise men to follow and some of the children have started to make the hats for the show.


The children have been helping to get the classroom Christmas ready and we are opening our Advent Calendar.


The weather has turned cold, we do go outside in all weathers so please make sure that your child has a suitable coat. We are also reinforcing that germs are not for sharing. We need to catch our coughs and sneezes. Many children are currently coughing and sneezing, it's the season. 


We hope to see you at the Christmas Fair on Sunday. Please be at the stage for 12.10pm ready to go on at 12.15pm.  


We also look forward to welcoming you into the Nursery, next Friday at 9am. Please ensure that your child is wearing a Christmas Jumper and it would be great if you could do to. I'm estimating that the festivities will be over by 9.45am (10 am at the latest).


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



25th November 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


We were very happy to welcome back Mrs Barber this week. The children and I were very happy to see her. On her first day back she made Potato Latkes with the children and we recapped our learning about Hanukkah.  


On Wednesday we had a visit from the Author Lucy Noguera and she shared with us her book 'Herman Needs a Home'. This lead to discussions about Hermit Crabs and the importance of throwing rubbish in the bin. Lucy talked about how our shoes get too small as our feet grow and then we need new shoes. Lucy recommended a youtube clip, narrated by David Attenborough which shows Hermit Crabs swapping shells. It's quite fascinating and the children liked it. Maybe you could share the clip with your child at home. Just be warned it is a youtube clip so there maybe advertisements. 

Hermit Crabs LINE UP To Swap Shells! | Life Story | BBC Earth Kids - YouTube


This week we have started to get festive. The children have been introduced to some Christmas songs and we have started to share the story of the Nativity. We started with Angel Gabriel's visit to Mary with the very special news that she was going to have a baby, a little boy called Jesus. The children have each created a beautiful.  Angel We have started to create an Advent Wreath and from December 1st we will be decorating the classroom. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

18th November 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week the children have adapted well to the staffing changes. Mrs Barber has been unwell but hopefully she will be back with us next week.


We have been thinking about Birthday celebrations and we helped Mr Troll to celebrate his 4th birthday. Poor Mr Troll, he was feeling very sad as no one had remembered that it was his birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and the children made pictures and cards. They made sure that he was looked after on his birthday. We have shared the stories 'Happy Birthday Maisy', 'Mungo Monkey has a Birthday Party and 'Ants in your Pants'. 


We have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. The children have been learning about Menorahs and how there are nine candles altogether, with the middle candle being the helper candle that is used to light the other eight candles. A candle is lit for each day of Hanukkah (eight days altogether). The children made a Menorah using their handprints and paint. Careful counting was encouraged when adding the candle flames. We will be making Potato Latkes when Mrs Barber returns and this will help to further our learning. There is a clip on the cbeebies website, you could watch this with your child and learn a little bit more about Hanukkah


I am going to apologise in advance but starting next week we will be starting to learn Christmas Songs. Christmas does come early in the Nursery but we will be singing on the stage at the Christmas Fair on Sunday 4th December 2022. We need to get practising otherwise you will be listening to Mrs Barber and I! I have been informed that the Nursery are on stage at 12.15pm. Please be at the stage for 12.10pm.


On the 9th November we will be performing for parents/carers (a maximum of two grown-ups per family) in the Nursery classroom at 9am. You are invited to join us for a cuppa and a mince pie after the show. I'm hoping that we will have a special visitor join us. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



11th November 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been looking at Autumnal changes and Poppies. We looked at the autumnal objects collected on your Autumn Walks and the children created a picture of themselves using these objects. You can see these below. We have been learning some Autumn songs, counting leaves and we created Autumn Tree paintings. 


In November, we Remember


We have been learning about whay people wear a Poppy at this time of year. We sent our prayers to God asking him to help people to make good choices by using their words instead of fighting. As part of our learning about Remembrance Day we have been using some clips from cbeebies. Maybe you could share these with your child and talk about what is seen and happening.

The children have created some beautiful Poppy paintings (which you can see below), using potatoes, paint and poppy seeds and they have made a salt dough poppy (these are currently in the oven).


Please remember that your child is to wear blue on Monday for the start of anti-bullying week. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker



In November, We Remember. Our Poppies

4th November 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to Nursery. We hope that you had a lovely half term break and that you are ready for the busy half term ahead. This half term we will be sharing the topic 'Celebrations' and we will be thinking about the different 'Festivals of Light' that are celebrated in Autumn and Winter.  This is a very festive time of the year; Christmas comes early in the Nursery!


This week the children have been introduced to the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali. As part of our learning we have been dancing, singing, making Diwa lamps, creating rangoli patterns and we have started to make firework pictures (using a salad spinner). The children took part in a dance work shop and we have been using some of the moves to help with our story telling. The children have been told the story about Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana. Maybe you could ask your child about it? We have been sharing two more stories 'Chapatti Moon' and 'The Runaway Chapatti' this resulted in Mrs Barber making chapattis with the children. These went down a treat with Raita and Mango Chutney. 


I have added a link to some clips that we have shared from the cbeebies series 'Let's Celebrate'. Maybe you could watch these clips with your child and talk with them about what is seen and happening.


Just a reminder that Book Bag Bundles are given out on a Monday and we expect them to be returned on the Thursday. Please share the books with your child, encouraging them to handle them carefully and to talk about what is seen and happening throughout the book. I have added a booklet below with some tips on sharing books with your child. 


This week I have not given out your child's Home-Wow book. This week we would like you to go out and about looking for Autumnal objects, ready for some learning next week. Please bring the Autumnal objects in on Tuesday. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

14th October 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been continuing with our Spider theme. We have been sharing the book 'Incy Wincy Spider', we have been looking for spiders around our learning environment and we have even eaten a spider!


The children created a spider using apple, cucumber/carrot sticks and raisins. There was a focus on careful counting before the spider was gobbled up. We talked to the children about how a spider has eight legs, four on each side of their body. Have you ever wondered why a spider doesn't stick to their web? We did a little investigation this week using Sellotape and oil. Touch a piece of Sellotape with your finger, what happens? Add a little oil to your finger and then touch the Sellotape, how is it different? Spiders secrete oil from the ends of their legs to stop them sticking to their own web.


Continuing with the counting theme we have changed the song 'One elephant went out to play...' to 'One dinosaur went out to play...' we also used the numerals to match to the correct quantity of elephants/dinosaurs. The children were encouraged to show the correct number of fingers as the quantities changed.  


The children have been introduced to the book 'Little Miss Muffet' and we have been thinking about words that rhyme. Little Miss Muffet is visited by a number of animals in the story who eat the food that Little Miss Muffet has in a picnic basket. For example, 'Along came a parrot, who crunched up her carrot'


The children have been continuing to share the story of 'Creation' and we have been discussing that our names are special and that God knows all of our names.


We have been talking about creating vertical, straight lines and we have been practicing our up and down movements to music, using the scarves. The children have been encouraged to mark make/cut along straight lines.


Please be reminded that Nursery gates will open at 1.15pm and close at 1.30pm  next Wednesday as we have Parent Consultations, this is inline with the rest of the school.  Please sign up if you have not yet done so.  


Just a reminder that the children should be wearing Royal blue tracksuit bottoms and not not Navy blue when they come to school. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker

7th October 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week we have been sharing the story 'Arrrggghhh Spider' by Lydia Monk. This is a great story for this time of the year as it is Spider Season. Have you noticed more spiders than usual? The children are being encouraged to join in with the story telling and we have been talking about what happens as we progress through the pages of the book. The children have been introduced to the number song 'One Elephant went out to Play...' and we have been using props to help us with our counting. The Incy Wincy Spider song has been sung a few times but did you know that there was an Itchy Nitchy Spider or Inky Pinky Spider? There are more rhyming names to learn!


As part of our Religious Education learning we have started to share the story of Creation. God created our wonderful world in just 7 days. We have been learning about the first three. This learning will continue into next week. We have also been continuing to learn each others names and to think about how our name is special to us. 


This week we have had a focus on thinking about how we look after the toys and books in the Nursery. We have noticed that quite a few books are being ripped and that resources are not being looked after. We will continue to reinforce this learning over the coming weeks. Another focus is tidying up. Children are encouraged to tidy away a resource after they have finished playing with it. 


Please be mindful of the changing weather. It is getting cooler and the children do play out in all weathers. It is recommended that your child brings a coat to school.


The children have brought home a letter today with your login details for Class Dojo's, please check if this works (apologies but these login details were not given out, they will be given out on Monday). I have attached a letter below regarding an upcoming Diwali workshop.


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker 

Diwali Workshop Letter

30th September 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to the Nursery! This section of the website will be added to, weekly. I will continue to add to the content of the Nursery pages over the coming weeks. 


The children have settled well into the first week of full time Nursery. They have been busy exploring the environment and getting used to our daily routine. 


This week we have been sharing two books 'Germs are Not for Sharing' and 'Hands are not for Hitting'. We have been reminding children to catch their coughs and sneezes, to throw used tissues into the bin and to wash their hands after going to the toilet or before eating. We will continue to reinforce this over the coming weeks. We have been talking about all of the good things that we can do with our hands and the children had fun exploring hand printing and making new colours. 


As part of our Religious education learning we have been learning each others names, the name of our class (Genesis) and we have been talking about how our own names are special to us.

This week we have also been sharing the story 'The Enormous Turnip' and we have talked about where vegetables come from. The children have made vegetable soup, chopping vegetables carefully and they have printed with vegetables. We have thanked God for a wonderful Harvest and for helping such delicious food to grow. We thank-you for the contributions that you have brought in for Ealing Food Bank, they will make a difference. 


Please be reminded that the school uniform consists of:

Royal blue jogging bottoms

Royal Blue sweater (with school logo)

Yellow t-shirt (with school logo)

Black comfortable shoes with velcro fastenings (not trainers)

These can all be purchased from the school uniform shop, Juniper. 


The weather is changing and we do go outside in all weathers. Please ensure that your child has a navy blue coat. 


Please also remember to check the school Newsletter as well as this page for further information about the wider school community. 


I have added the powerpoint presentation for the recent 'Meet the Teacher Evening' under the 'Settling In' tab.


A parent has very kindly agreed to set up the class WhatsApp group. If you wish to be added to this group please add your number to the list on the back of the Nursery door. 


Have a great weekend


Miss Whittaker