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What do I do if I think my child is dyslexic?


Dyslexia can present in many different ways. If you or your child's class teacher suspect that your child may be dyslexic, we can offer to run a screening in school. This is called a 'rapid' test. This screening does not diagnose dyslexia but gives an indication on the likely hood of it. Once you have had the results of the rapid test you may wish to get your child privately assessed. 


What does the school do to support my child with their dyslexia?


With or without a diagnosis, there will always be adjustments a teacher will make to support your child. Some of the adjustments we make at Mount Carmel are:

* Teacher writing date and LO for student when needed

* Isolating text to only have relevant information visable

* Use of 'immersive reader' to ensure the text is accessible to all

* Coloured overlays where appropriate

* Dictation tools to enable the child to record their ideas and hear them back when writing

* Reading pens to read a text aloud where appropriate

* Pre teaching interventions 

* Precision teaching to help memory skills

*  Use of chrome books to word process work

* Touch typing interventions


If there are other adjustments which may help your child please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Crouch who can do their best to arrange this. 



Dyslexia parent information morning