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Mount Carmel

Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Welcome to Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School

Welcome to our website that will give you an insight to our wonderful school. We are very proud of all that we do in the school. I have a very simple vision that I hope you will see through this website.
I have a simple vision for this school,
It's not a demand, statement or rule.
I just want it to be a place where learning is fun,
But where learning has to be number one.

I want a school that whenever anyone starts,
Will know that they're part of Mount Carmel's heart.
A place where lifelong friendships are made,
With memories so strong that they never fade.

I want every member of staff to feel they are cherished,
By developing them, so every day they are nourished.
To build on the leadership skills they have acquired,
To give them opportunities so they continue to inspire.
I know that one day they will want to move on,
With a heavy heart, I hope my job's done.

I want all parents to feel they have made the right choice,
By listening to them and giving them a voice.
By moulding their child in to a well rounded human being,
By encouraging their child to have a passion for learning.
Whatever their child's need, however big or small,
We'll help them over the hurdles so they will not fall.

The children, my vision, is all about them,
To give them the best start as they grow in to women and men.
For each child to learn, that working hard will be rewarded,
Working independently or even supported.
For them to be creative, share talents and shine in every way
To keep the Gospel values at heart and never stray.

It is to you Our Lady of Mount Carmel, I look and pray,
That I don't lose my vision with the demands of each day.
As I pray to you daily and listen for advice,
To ensure that each child leaves here as an Ambassador of Christ.
But my vision was written before in the Bible,
For all at Mount Carmel to 'have life and to have it to the full.'
By Mrs Walsh