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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Every Child a Leader Programme

Every Child is a Leader at Mount Carmel


To ensure each child leaves her a positive powerful person, we work on the children's individual leadership skills from Y1 to Y6.

Every half term each child receives a new role, where they are given advice on how to lead it. It is then their responsibility to lead in this role. All staff vote for the child who is seen using their leadership skills the best. They win our 'Every Child a Leader' trophy.

Congratulations to our winners so far!




Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1




Laudato Si

Akim 4G

Archie 2H

Lydia 3P





Fflur 2P

Aliema 1F

Jeremy 3K





Lily 1G

Klara 2P

Carlotta 5R




Healthy Eating

Rose 5L

Louis 4G

Arly 3P




Fire Marshall

Emmett 2P

Neave 5R

Lily Anne 5R




First Aider

Hazel 5R

Levi 2H

Emma 6M




Corridor Monitor

Jacob 1F

Benjamin 1F

Ethan 3P





Alice 2H

Sean 2H

Morgan 2H




Recycling Ranger

Zoe 1G

Tilly 4G

Lewis 5R





Johanna 1F

Masih 5L

George 2H




When the whole school became Eco-Warriors

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Saying No to Bullying

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