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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10


We believe that a school uniform helps to keep a consistency throughout the school. We can focus on academic learning, rather than becoming 'Uniform Police' on what can be worn or not. We believe:


  • School uniforms level the playing field. When all students have to wear the same thing, none of them can brag about wearing the latest, most expensive fashions. All students dress the same.
  • School uniforms can also increase student safety.  Individual style, in this case, is sacrificed for a safer learning environment. Being able to recognise our children on trips is vital.
  • School uniforms make it easier on families to shop for school clothes. We have all our uniform in one shop, so you can go and ask for it and they will provide all that you need. 
  • Within the pros and cons of school uniforms, increasing self-confidence when students don't feel pressured to wear certain types of clothing is an intrinsic value of why we wear a uniform. Uniforms also make it almost harder for students to be bullied over clothing choices. 
  • We teach our children, that whether they are wearing a uniform or not, they should always be representing our School CHURCH Values.





If you cannot afford any part of the school uniform, please inform the school office and we will help you


We hold regular 2nd hand uniform sales throughout the year, look at our Newsletter for updates.