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I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10


Welcome to Reception


The class teachers are: Miss Demiray (Ruth) Miss Ellison (Joshua) 
Our support staff are: Mrs Baxter (Joshua) and Miss Pearson (Ruth)

Our EYFS Lead is Miss Demiray


Every Friday we will update this page informing you of any key information or any fun activities we have completed in school. We will also set home learning every Friday and ask it to be completed by the following Wednesday.

This page will be updated every Friday


We have had a great two weeks learning exploring Emma Jane's Aeroplane and the cities and landmarks which were visited in the book. We have also explored the life cycle of a duck as Reception have been very lucky to visit the adorable ducklings that have been in Nursery Class. The children have held the ducklings and watched them play and swim in the water tray too. 

Next week we will be looking at the Very Hungry Caterpillar and looking at the life cycle of a butterfly.


We will be having a Easter Bonnet Parade next Friday morning on the last day of term. 

Don't forget pick up is at 1.15 on Friday. 


Have a great weekend! 



Please sign up to class Dojo. We are waiting for some parents to join. 




Our new phonemes for this week are green. 


Mnemonics for the new phonemes to support handwriting formation:

s – snake – swerve around the snake

a – ant – around the head, down the body

t – teacher – down her body and cross her shoulders

p – parrot – down his body, around his face

i – inventor – down her body, spot her idea

n – nest – down the bird and over her nest

m – meerkat – meerkat, mound, mound

d – duck – over his back and around the tail, up his neck and down to his feet

g – goat – start at his ear, around the face and down the beard

o – ostrich – around the ostrich’s body

c – camel – curl around the camel’s back

k – kid – down the body, up the arm, down the leg

ck – a camel and a kid – the camel stood by the kid

e – elephant – around the head and down the trunk

u – umbrella – under the umbrella and down to the tip

r – runner – down her body, up over the arm

ss – two snakes – sunbathing snakes 

h – heron – from his head to his feet, up and over his back

b – bike – down the person and around the wheel

f – fox – over the ear, down to the tail and across the jaw

ff – two foxes – two foxes facing forwards

l – ladder – down the long ladder

ll – two ladders – ladders in a line

j – jellyfish – swoop down the tentacles and dot the body

v – viper – down the tongue, up the tongue

w – wallaby – hop to the top, land and hop, land and hop

x – x x x – criss-cross the kiss

y – yacht – under the hull and down to the anchor

z – zigzag – zig and zag

zz – two zigzags – a zigzag duet

qu – quill – around the feather and down the pen

ch chew the chunky chips

sh- the shabby ship shook

th- they were thirsty

ng-ping pong

nk- ooo a pink sink

ee - bee on my knee

ai - wait for the train

igh - light up the night

oa - float on the moat

oo-a book nook 

ar- a far star

ur- turn in the surf

oo-scoop with a spoon

or- order some popcorn

ow- prowl and growl

oi- coin in the soil

ear-clear the smear

air- a pair in the lair

ure- sure its the cure

ow- go slow in the snow 

er- a bitter winter 





We have been measuring this week using cubes and next week we will be focusing on weight. We will be comparing capacity and we will be using scales to weigh our toys and fruit.


Please practice fine motor skills at home to develop and strengthen your child's fine motor skills. 




-using tweezers to pick items up





Enjoy your weekend!

 Miss Demiray and Miss Ellison 




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher. This can be done by emailing 


Reading Folders 

Each week your child will receive one reading scheme book and one sharing book. Sometimes there will be a library book your child has chosen themselves. Your child has been put into a reading group for a specific day (please see the document attached below). This is when they will read to their class teacher on a 1:1 basis and have their books changed.

Please note your child's reading folder should ONLY be brought back into school on their designated reading day.  Please could we ask for you to also leave a comment in their yellow reading records so we know how they got on with the book at home?



Please connect to class dojo. If you have misplaced your letter please let your class teacher know. 



Your child may wear the summer uniform up until October half term. If the weather is hot, we ask you to provide your child with a Mount Carmel sun hat and put any sun cream on before coming to school (we do not allow sun cream to come into school).

After half term, we ask children to come to school in full winter uniform. There is more information under 'uniforms' on our webpage. Please ensure you send your child into school with a plastic water bottle (no glass ones please) filled with fresh water each day. 


Online Phonics Games 

Forest phonics: (Choose phase 2/3/4.)