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Mount Carmel

Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Equality Objectives

Mount Carmel Catholic School

Mount Carmel is a larger than average Catholic primary school with a Nursery, set in relatively advantaged circumstances, with generally high stability. The proportion of pupils entitled to the pupil premium is below the national and borough picture. We are below nationally with the amount of children who have a Statement or Educational Health Care Plan.


How we conduct equality assessment

As a school we carry out rigorous monitoring and analysis of all pupils and their progress every term. This ensures that all children are making their expected progress. Through analysis we are aware of any groups that are not making at least expected progress.


How we chose our equality objectives

Our equality objective-setting process has involved gathering evidence and this evidence is analysed and the objectives are chosen.

Our following objectives are



  • To ensure that every child is recognised as a child of God and able to flourish with their gifts and talents.


  • To ensure that all groups of pupils achieve challenging targets and they have the opportunity to make more than expected progress.


  • To ensure each child has access to a broad and balanced curriculum.


  • To foster good relationships between parents, carers, children and staff who share a protected characteristic.


Who is responsible?

All staff and Governors are responsible to ensure these objectives are met.