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Boys reading

At the parents evening one of the main topcs for discussion was boys reading. I have found that the boys are very reluctant to read fiction books and tend to choose non-fiction books in our library slots. This is a concern as exposure to fiction books directly impacts on children’s creative writing and story-telling ability.


To combat this problem and encourage the boys to read more fiction books we had a group of Year 6 boys visit during silent reading time to share their thoughts on their favourite fiction books. The Year6 boys stayed and held a mini guided reading session asking the younger boys to pick out WOW words, amazing adverbs, exciting adjectives and synonyms of words. Year 3 were keen to showcase their knowledge and it was lovely to see all the groups getting genuinely excited about their reading.


Many thanks to Miss O’Connor for allowing her boys to visit Year 3. A very special thank you goes to the Year 6 boys in question; Kieran Barton, James Melville, Ben Vernon, Daniel Donnelly, Alex Frost, Oscar Brolly and Jason Chaggar. Their maturity and enthusiasm for reading was a great example to set for the Year 3 boys.


Please continue to encourage your children to read a mix of fiction and non-fiction books. Check out the link below for a website that’s FOR BOYS ONLY!