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Mount Carmel

Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Our Teaching Methodology

In most lessons we work with a 'Peel On, Peel Off' approach. This ensures that every child is learning or reinforcing their learning at different stages throughout their lesson; sometimes with the teacher but most times independently.


We believe that for children to learn something new, there should be times where they fall in to the Learning Pit. We want our children to be independent learners and teach them the skills to work through a problem before going to a teacher for help.

The Learning Pit - we love the Eureka Moments

We expect all children to find parts of some lessons challenging. If they are in 'The Learning Pit,' we teach them strategies so they may come out of 'The Pit' themselves. For this strategy we use the 'Five Bs'.

The 5Bs

Children at Mount Carmel are growing to be independent learners through these strategies.