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Catholic Primary School

I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full - John 10:10

Curriculum Reports

Whole School Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is our own curriculum, especially designed from the strengths of our children, which is reading. Every child must leave here a reader. We call our curriculum 'The Power of Learning.' This curriculum is delivered through high quality sequential, subject specific learning. Our aim is for every child to leave Mount Carmel as an Ambassador of Christ:- a positive powerful person. Subjects within our curriculum will focus on the core Catholic teachings woven through 'The Power of Learning.'


The aim of the curriculum is for children to become independent thinkers through being creative, coherent and inclusive.  Our curriculum enables children to understand that whatever their barrier to life is, they can overcome it. We focus on the role of leadership at all levels, enabling children to leave here as positive leaders, making a direct impact in the world. 



Curriculum Implementation

We believe at Mount Carmel that the role of the teacher inspires our young children to have a passion for learning. Our Subject Leaders have designed their own subject to ensure power and leadership is the golden thread that flows through all subjects. Quality First Teaching, through the 'Peel On, Peel Off method,' ensures that visible learning can be seen in the lesson. All staff are coached throughout their time here to continue to develop into even better educators. 

Children have the experience of being taught by specialists in Music, Outdoor PE, Dance, Gymnastics and Spanish. 

Throughout all of these lessons children's abilities are catered for. Children are assessed in every subject and monitored to ensure they continue to excel. Our Cultural Capital programme ensures that children's vocabulary excels in their area of learning. Every child will learn from experts in their field through school trips, work shops and speakers, six times a year. This engaging curriculum, which comes from the children's love of reading, offers children a rich and creative curriculum which enables every child to develop all their gifts and talents.